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New tool: Javascript Code Compressor

New tool: Javascript Code Compressor

News written the 22/05/2015 at 04:04:41 by ybouane
Hi everyone,
Today we added a new tool to Webestools: The Javascript Code Compressor (Minifier)
This tool let you compress javascript codes making them smaller in size. This can help make you web pages load significantly faster.

By taking an example code (287 Bytes):
// Useless comment
function do_something(myvar)
if (myvar=="hello") {
} else {
alert("World!"); // another comment
if (25+14 > 3) {
} else {

You can get a much smaller code (114 Bytes):
function do_something(a){"hello"==a?alert("Hello!"):alert("World!")}do_something("hello");do_something("humans"); You can start using our Javascript Code Compressor now:
Javascript Code Compressor (Minifier)

We hope this tool will be helpful!