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Javascript Code Compressor (Minifier)

Welcome on the Javascript Code Compressor (Minifier),
This tool let you compress your Javascript codes so you can minimize the size of your javascript files. This can make your website load much faster. The compression technique used by this tool is very common because it can save a lot of resources. To compress a javascript source code, you simply need to copy the code in the Un-Compressed Code field and choose a compression level. The simple level is the recommanded one because the advanced level renames some functions making them unusable outside of this code. You then need to click on the Compress Javascript button and you will get a compressed javascript code.

Javascript Code Compressor (Minifier)

An error occured while compressing your code, please check that your code has no errors.

Un-Compressed Code

Compressed Code

Input size: 287B     Output size: 114B     Compression ratio: 39.72%

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