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Google Maps code Generator

Welcome on the Google Maps code Generator,
This tool let you create google maps and add them on your website. To change the map position(Geographic Coordinates) and altitude(zoom), you have to do the changes directly on the map. The Width and Height fields let you change the map size(in pixels). The map default type is the default mode(normal, satellite, terrain...) on the map loading. The Search Zone is a field who lets the users make a search in the map. The Mini-Map is a general map in the bottom at right of the map. The marker lets you mark the place to get the user attention(In the map middle). The InfoWindows is a windows containing a text. When you will finish filling the form, you have to click on the "Generate" button. A preview will be showed and an (X)html code will be generated. You simply have to copy the (X)html code on your website to add the map.


This is the HTML code you have to copy on your website:

Geographic Coordinates(Editable on the Map)


(Let empty if you don't want to make a Tooltip)

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