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Write an essay for me about Yoga Teacher Training in India - Finding a Yoga Teacher

Yoga is all about finding the balance in life. Practicing it can really enrich one's life, and for this, the developed world is looking towards India the land where this unique technique was developed and mastered. The key to learning it the right way is to find the true teacher, who can help you imbibe this ancient technique. There are a few indications about good yoga teachers online, but they hardly tell you about the real mystics. Believe me, the real mystics have the knowledge base that has been developed with practice and experience, and they know much more than certified teachers. However, they are not the best in teaching. Hence, you will have to find a mystic who is also a good teacher. Here are a few things that can help you find your way towards finding the right yoga teacher training in India.

The Path you want to tread - If we think of the way you can find a teacher the focus is always on the purpose for which you are looking forward to yoga for. If you want to go for in-depth study then you will have to explore more. Basically, there are two different paths of practicing yoga. They are (1) Focused trips and (2) Wandering and exploring.

For focused trips when you have limited time at your disposal, you can research online and find the right yoga center where you can get trained. You also will have to choose the place which ranges from Rishikesh in Northern part of India to Kerala on the southernmost part of India. The popular season is from November to March, but the courses run all along the year.

Now if you want to travel and find the right teacher by yourself be ready for challenges. Many towns like Rishikesh and Dharamshala have a rich tradition and you will find many options which you can explore. The best approach is to experience the ashram and talk to the yoga teacher until you find the right match. As per the experience of travelers, it will take 2 to 3 weeks to find the yoga teacher you have been looking for. Overall the path will guide you towards the goal.

Get advice from travelers and practitioners - Whether you take the focused approach or the wanderer's way, taking advice from people who have had similar experiences certainly helps. Reading about the institutes and reviews online can be a great help. However, they are not always true. If a fellow traveler has had a good experience, then you should definitely try the place where he/she visited. Such kind of advice can help you zero in on the place and yoga center where you would take your training. Also, learn from the mistakes of others where they have had not so good experiences. Learning from experiences of others can be a great source of information if you are wandering to find the right teacher.

Safety First always - Some of the centers are taking undue advantage of India being renowned as a spiritual place. They will simply fleece money and the classes will be not worth. So the best way is to take a demonstration class before paying the fees. Women travelers who have come alone should take extra care. There are many stories of bad things happening to foreigners, and precaution should be practiced diligently. Women travelers should always look for a female teacher's presence in the center.

Bridging the cultural gap - Most courses have their instructions in English, but it is better to learn the local language to understand better. Most of the original yogic texts are in Sanskrit and the best translations are in Hindi. So it is best to take a crash course in Hindi before traveling here. Now with smartphones learning a language has become very easy. This will help to bridge the cultural gap. Another important thing is to understand other aspects of yoga. Yoga in India invariably has religion and ritualistic practice like Yajna associated with it. You will need to imbibe it as a process rather than religious belief for better learning.

Looking for lineages in yoga teaching - India has many families dedicating their lives to teaching. You can explore these lineages for reaching the right yoga teacher. Different yogis have different views on yoga and each has its own benefits. You will be really surprised at the variations.