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Types of Slot Machines or Slots

Currently there are variations within the Slots and you can choose between: Basic or Progressive Slot machines.

Basic Slots

Within what are called Basic Slots, there is more than one style or type. Anyway, the main characteristic of the Basic free slots is that they have a fixed prize, which does not vary according to the Money deposited in the Machine.

This type of machine offers lower prizes than other Slots, but they allow you to win more frequently. If you want new slots for free, Playfortune for Fun is the place to come
Slots can also have multiple Paylines and multiple figures. Most of these types of machines (multiple pay lines) activate each pay line for each currency entered. The Max Bet activates all lines.

Progressive Slots

Progressive Slots offer a Jackpot that grows continuously and accumulates until someone wins it (also known as the "Jackpot").

The Jackpot can come from a single Machine or from several slots at the same Casino or from several Casinos that are connected to each other. A small part of each Bet is allocated to the Progressive Jackpot and thus the Jackpot accumulates until a player is lucky enough to win it. Therefore, the more people play, the higher the prize pool.

Once the Jackpot is won, it returns to a minimum value and begins to grow again. Generally, a certain number of coins must be deposited in order to play for the Progressive Prize. Anyway, no matter what type of Slot Machine you choose, the main goal remains the same: have fun!

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