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Simpson Loft - Step Orthopedic Surgery

Simpson Loft - The orthopedic surgical procedure varies according to the style of surgery performed and the bone and joint disease that the patient bears. For some generally, some types of orthopedic surgery as an invasive procedure that require skin incisions in the area of ??bones or joints that can be operated.

Simpson Loft - Patients who can pursue orthopedic surgery can be told to exchange their clothing in advance with a special suit of surgery before entering the operating area. The doctor can then place the patient on the operating table in accordance with the area of ??the bone or joint that can be operated on. The patient can then be treated with anesthetics, be it local, 1/2 body, or general, as needed. Local anesthesia and 1/2 body can make the patient consistently aware when the operation step is carried out, but will not feel pain. And overall anesthesia can make the patient fall asleep during surgery, and wake up after the operation is complete. - An orthopedic doctor can make a skin incision (incision) in accordance with the area of ??the bone or joint that can pursue surgery. The size of the skin incision is made related to the style of surgery and the required techniques. Arthroscopic surgery and osteotomy normally only need one or two small pieces. And in pen placement, a cut can be made as long as the bone feels broken.

Simpson Loft - After the cut is made, the doctor can then do the surgery according to the orthopedic surgical style that can be performed. In arthroscopy, the doctor can insert an arthroscope into the joint to view the joint situation through visual and individual actions. In the pen placement surgery, broken bones can be positioned first in their natural order, then held using a pen.

Simpson Loft - After the surgical procedure has been completed, the cut can be closed again by using stitches and sterile bandages to control so that infection does not take place. Patients can be taken to the treatment area to restore the time of surgery, especially if necessary hospitalization.