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I mean, it's probably cuz it's just early in the morning But like, it's kind of freaking me out. Like, maybe there's an apocalypse, and I didn't know about it. Oh, my god, are they even open yet? on song There's literally not one person in there. So that could be either a good thing or a bad thing about *snort* They're closed. Until 10:00. I have 30 minutes. I don't know what to do with myself. I mean, I probably should have checked the hours before I came. Maybe i'll get a coffee. In the mall that I'm at right now, they don't have any coffee, which is annoying, but they have a pressed juice place. So I'm gonna be healthy and go get some pressed juice. I'm actually not getting actual juice. I'm getting like, pressed, like frozen yogurt. If you haven't seen that before, it's basically like vegan frozen yogurt, and then you can get like toppings and stuff. So, I think I'm just gonna get that. And I'm getting frozen yogurt for breakfast, so that's where my life is right now. I'll do a little pressed juice haul. So, the first thing I got was the pressed freeze thing and I got the flavor, vanilla and then On top I got almond butter and chocolate. It's so frickin good. Please eat that. It's so good. Okay, and then I also got a coffee. Coffee, almonds, dates, vanilla, sea salt. So, I was gonna hold off on getting coffee until later, but I'll just get another one later and call it a day. Just finished at the Apple Store. Sorry, I didn't film in there I was literally in there for two hours waiting for the Genius Bar guy to come help me out, but after waiting literally two hours, they came, and they helped me and I told them about my problems, and they fixed my keyboard for free, which is really cool So even though I had to wait two hours, I'm not that mad because they fixed it for free and that's always good because we like free things in this family. I actually really want coffee, so looks like we need to go get one. Oh, I am on the sidewalk. Okay. Oh, this is so illegal. That was super "not allowed," like there's just -- in no way is that allowed. That's really loud. Going to get coffee now. Sorry, I'm like squinting, so I look like a -- old man. (Off camera) Go ahead. (To camera) That is so awkward. Oh my god. I'm jaywalking, guys. Don't take advice from me. I'm not feeling so hot I really need that sh* t, man. My body's reliant on it *flatly* Yay, *singing* I'm so excited, found my coffee. She made it really strong today, I always think it looks so funny because like, it's an iced drink but it's in like a "hot drink" kind of cup, so like I put this straw in like the top and it looks kind of tacky, but who frickin' cares it gets the job done, do you know what I mean? Okay, I'm gonna go home now. I just got out of the shower I showered for the first time in like, you know, a year. No big deal. This is good chapstick. Is it gonna focus or no? Good chapstick if you want to try it out. It's really good. I'm putting on a face mask because, my skin is absolute ass. I'm using this Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal mask to clear pores cuz you best believe your b*tch needs that.
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