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Eliminate the answers you know aren't right
When you're facing a difficult multiple-choice question, your first step should be to eliminate the answers you know are obviously wrong. This method helps to narrow down the possible answers you need to choose from, and it's much easier to make the right decision when it's between two easy argumentative essay topics answers instead of five.
Read all of the choices before choosing your answer
Reading all of the choices enables you to figure out the best answer for the question. Often, test makers will list answers that seem correct (but actually aren't) first. If you fail to read all of the possible answers and simply choose the first answer that seems correct, you have lost the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge you have.
Make an educated guess
It never hurts to make an educated guess. Unlike short-answer and essay questions, multiple-choice exams provide you with a specific list of possible answers. In this way, multiple-choice tests have already narrowed down your potential answers.
After wracking your brain for a given amount of time, you can only do what you can, which is to pick the answer that is most relevant out of the possible four or five other choices. In many cases, it benefits you to make an educated guess, where you have the chance of guessing correctly, rather than leaving it blank and losing a point.