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We have been working on CSS and other html related specifications for websites from over 20 years now. Our recent portfolio includes sites like typesvct and much more.

These days we have shifted our focus to working on web app. Specifically games. There have been a lot of growth in this industry recently so i and the team decided to take a step in this direction. I'm here to help out any newbies on there way here so we may be able to mutually help each other. Our company is small but we employ a wide array of talents.

So far we have been profitable for every single year and we hope to keep it that way. The biggest secrets for us was to be able to adapt quickly. Read this tech crunch article to keep up to date about everything related to tech and the profitable sectors within it

Tl;dr We work on games based solely on html and javascript. The journey has been fun and we have some clients with very deep pockets. If you are interested in working with us drop us a message.