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To search for the hero inside yourself is not difficult - to find them is
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People are motivated by different reasons, and the key is to understand what motivates each person on your team. Most managers assume that what inspires them to go to work is the same thing that drives others on their team. Sorry, that’s a gross generalization and not accurate.

Getting to know your team and what is important to them will enrich your company culture. An amazing culture is like having the world’s most powerful magnet: it attracts top talent and compels them to stay. If your turnover is high, you must take a hard look at your culture and ask why. You might not like the answer you find, but you need to face the truth. If your culture is rotten, it will impact your profits.

Finding profits is not that hard if you’re willing to swallow your pride a little and admit that you need to work at it. Commit to nail down your numbers and know them like the back of your hand. Knowing your numbers will help you make better decisions every day, and that allows you to make adjustments that can add more to your bottom line.

Talk to your team and open yourself up to get to know them. Know their families (kids’ names, etc.), birthdays, and work anniversaries, and make a big deal out of them. Show your team you appreciate them by thanking them. “Thank you” might be the most under-used and under-appreciated sentence on the planet, yet is appropriate in nearly every situation. Use it.

In addition, studies in Europe have shown conclusively that storytelling in business really works.


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