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Ever Strong XT CBD Non-psychoactive, but very effective in the treatment of various diseases, the component of cannabis, known as CBD or cannabidiol , was a revolutionary discovery in the field of medical marijuana. It is thanks to this component that, after years of banning, cannabis is becoming more and more socially acceptable - as scientific information about it and the testimony of patients who are convinced of its effectiveness is spread. Medical marijuana Medical properties of cannabidiol Legalization of medical marijuana today is supported by the majority of US residents (by the way, the world leader in the “war on drugs”). However, it is legalized only in 21 states. Many patients still do not know about the outstanding therapeutic properties of this plant, so the lack of safe access to cannabis preparations does not bother them. Nevertheless, modern studies prove that in many cases, medical marijuana has significant advantages over synthetic analogues (does not harm health, does not cause addiction, etc.). Few people know that non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD is abundant in industrial cannabis - i.e. in its varieties, where the level of THC is negligible. This variety of cannabis is freely imported to most countries of the world in a recycled form.