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้”˜? Surface irrigation is an ancient water technology field facilities nike free 5.0 v4 mens black , but it is still the world particularly in developing countries, a widely used method of irrigation, about the world in more than 90% of irrigated area. There are more than 98% of China's irrigated area is still using the traditional surface irrigation techniques. In view of our water and energy shortages, lack of economic strength, the majority of rural areas, low level of technical management of the reality of large area spraying, micro-irrigation and other advanced irrigation technology is also subject to considerable limitations, so for a long period of time , the country also need to increase the field engineering construction, and strong research and promote water-saving type of surface irrigation technology. First, land formation, designed the ditch, plot size and irrigation technical parameters Land formation is to improve the quality of surface irrigation technology and irrigation to reduce irrigation time and labor to improve irrigation efficiency and water output is an important measure. Combined with the formation of land reform in field engineering, planning long border (groove) for a short stretch of (communication), wide stretch of the narrow stretch of change design and reasonable size nike free 5.0 womens black pink , and into the plot Qigou (channel) flow, can greatly improve irrigation uniformity and irrigation efficiency. Shaanxi Luohuiqu studies show that the unit discharge into the plot for the 3 ~ 5L s, the irrigation quota changes with the long cardigan, cardigan long as 30 meters from 100 meters to, the irrigation quota to reduce 150 ~ 204m? hm?; when the plot of 30 ~ 100 meters long, the stretch of unit discharge from 2L s to 5L s, scale irrigation can reduce the 150 ~ 225m? hm?. Baojixia Irrigation contrast to deep percolation test, the irrigation quota is less than 675m? Hm?, Basically does not occur seepage; irrigation quota 825 ~ 990m? Hm?, About 150m? Hm? Deep infiltration of water produced leakage; irrigation quota 1350m? hm? when half of the water seepage into deep water. China's large territory and local differences in topography and soil, so the difficult uniform standard throughout the field test results should be based on established computer models, experiments and computer simulations, are given appropriate for the local irrigation Qigou size and technical parameters. Second, improving wet surface irrigation methods, the development of local sub-irrigation Improve the traditional surface irrigation wetting all the way to furrow (Border) wet alternate irrigation or partial irrigation nike free 3.0 v6 pink , soil evaporation during recess not only reduced the total evapotranspiration accounts for the proportion of farmland, so that the field soil water use efficiency can be significantly improved, and can better to improve the crop root zone soil permeability, promote deep root system bar, is conducive to the use root deep soil water storage, dual characteristics of both water and increase production, is worth promoting. Practice shows that wheat and maize intercropping repeat irrigation, cotton, corn and other row crops across wide furrow irrigation or furrow irrigation, wet area can be reduced by 50%, saving up to 30%, and yield increased 5% to 10%. Maize sowing with water, can water 900m? Hm?, Saving 90 to 105 kwh, an increase rate of about 16% nike free 3.0 v4 womens pink , increase rate of about 28%. Third, to improve water distribution methods, the development of intermittent irrigation Improve water distribution methods, the traditional trench, cardigan a Drainage changed to the intermittent water distribution, intermittent irrigation (also known as surge flow irrigation), known as the 80's a big surface irrigation technology breakthrough. Drainage flow was intermittent to surge forward like, because the soil pores will be automatically closed, the soil surface to form a thin closed layer of water to promote faster. When using the same amount of water in irrigation, intermittent irrigation for continuous irrigation flow forward from 1 to 3 times, thus greatly reducing the seepage and improve irrigation uniformity, field water utilization factor of 0.8 to 0.9. 4, improved furrow Drainage Facilities Drainage facilities improved furrow, using siphon (for open channel water) or terrestrial mobile gate hole pipe (for pipe) Drainage, Drainage nike free 3.0 v5 womens mint green , compared with the artificial opening, the field of water use efficiency can be increased by 5% to 10%. Currently these facilities are still in the experimental stage of domestic, not mass production. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out joint research on these facilities, materials and processing technology of in-depth research, toward the standardization of technology, production scale, to promote wider use direction to develop. Fifth, to develop water saving irrigation soil moisture film Irrigation is my film mulching cultivation technology in the developed on the basis of a new method of surface irrigation. It is the film tile or ditch in the plot, plot, ditch all covered by plastic film to achieve the water use of plastic film, and the raceway through the hole and professional crop irrigation for crop irrigation hole infiltration method. As the raceway professional irrigation bore holes and the field irrigated area accounts for only 1% to 5%, and other wet areas rely mainly on lateral water seepage, which film is actually a local irrigation irrigation. At present, the use of film hole irrigation of farmland in Xinjiang reached 23.33 hectares nike free 3.0 v5 mens black blue , Gansu, Henan and other provinces began to promote. Rotary irrigation situation is ditching film film ridge irrigation, irrigation training ridge film, film hole irrigation, irrigation ditch membrane, membrane seam irrigation, cell membrane field irrigation, irrigation and other membrane side of the membrane. Membrane irrigation crops are cotton, vegetables, corn, wheat, etc.. Film culture and film combined with wat้”˜? Golf ha.

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