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Date sent: 2017/01/18 02:25:20

Review the progress of floor industry, imitate the rich with innovation to weichi all along have not stops, imitate a product from the brand, imitate to culture, sale again, coessential change what already accompanied Chinese floor to the industry has gone and stand year. Will look at present, this one phenomenon is in short-term inside solve very hard still. The near future, performance of man-made board market also nots allow not hopeful, plywood exports camp to last, point to receive board sales volume glides, nowhere is not in market challenge it may be said.

Floor market: Coessential turn an issue short-term inside change hard, real wood goes compound floor sales volume is minor litre

By 2016, " the opinion that protects property right lawfully about perfecting property right protection " announce formally external, " opinion " in intellectual property the respect such as protection is made went out to compare before more severe penalty measure, raise behavior of will compensatory upper limit, intended tort to bring into for instance " blacklist " etc. Many businessmen state this is right for floor industry, or it is meddlesome.

But should be in short-term inside product of change floor market is coessential change an appearance still very difficult. The businessman expresses, small and medium sized business of market of our country floor still holds dominant position, because admittance doorsill is low, many agency are to be in manufacturer home to take money, oneself apply for a brand, perhaps did not register a trademark at all. In this kind management environment falls, nature of pinchbeck tort phenomenon avoids hard. Show floor of archaize of northeast china ash of level Guangdong market 125 × of 610 × 210-265 of 18mm businessman quote yuan / square metre.

Additional, disclose according to the businessman, new year's day during holiday, the consumer that floor of market choose and buy comes to before increases somewhat. Although was about to enter holiday of Spring Festival of the traditional Chinese calendar in January, but still many consumer hope to lay outfit floor before the Spring Festival. And floor businessman also is in holiday had new year's day giant sales promotion activity, in sales promotion activity drive, solid Mu Fu adds up to the sales volume of the floor to also rise somewhat. Show sand of level Guangdong market solidder than benefit Mu Fu joins a floor board 910 × 110- 140 of quote of businessman of 125 × 12mm yuan / square metre.

Man-made board market: Plywood exports camp to last, export market notted allow 2017 hopeful

The hardwood plywood that 30 days of preliminary rulings import from China gives committee of American international trade the United States relevant industry is caused damage, because government of this United States will continue undertake to this kind of product the dumping is mixed turning over,turn over allowance investigation, namely so called " double turn over " investigation. Relieve policy process according to American commerce, the adjudication that day means commission of American international trade Department of Commerce can continue to begin " double instead " investigation, predict to will be mixed in Feburary 2017 will combat subsidy respectively in April duty and turn over dumping duty to make preliminary finding.

The personage inside travel expresses, in recent years exit of our country plywood encounters all sorts of trade barrier continuously, it is good that domestic businessman should be done actively answer, also can foreknow from this plywood export market still notted allow 2017 hopeful.

Occupy a businessman additionally to divulge, large-scale in December environmental protection punish works, cause many household company to be in stop production condition. Although also have partial company furtive go back to work, but start working rate is far insufficient, cause market demand to decrease considerably from this, because this is close paragraph time points to receive board the case that sales volume glides is relatively clear. At present wood of Guangdong market balata points to receive board 2440 × 1220 × 16mm, businessman quote 220-230 yuan / piece.

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