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It is down to us as owners to try to understand from our dogs what they are trying to say Preston Brown Bills Jersey , and we can use the context of the bark and the dogs body language to help us to do this. Dogs bark for many different reasons and some of this is down to the breed. In guard dogs they have been bred to bark when they perceive a threat, sporting breeds have often been bred to tell their owner where the quarry is and finally some dogs just like to hear the sounds of their own voices. Under the right conditions any breed of dog will use its voice when the right circumstances present themselves, and in this they are not that different to humans. Dont we all voice our feelings when we are hungry, lonely, bored Karlos Williams Bills Jersey , need a bathroom break or are just plain happy to see a friend. If your dog is barking for these reasons then you need to attend to their need and in the process the barking will come to an end. However, there are circumstances where your dog is not barking because of any of these reasons, and this is when barking can become a problem. A dog can use barking as a way to manipulate you. One example of this would be if they keep barking to try and get your attention in order that you play with them. You may ignore them a few times and then eventually give in and take the ball outside and start to throw it for your little pal. Once you do this your dog stops barking and you are relieved. However, the problem here is that the dog has got his own way and this does not bode well for the future. What you must teach your dog consistently from the start is that you are in charge and that your word is law. This is important to the dog as they are at heart pack animals and you must ensure that you are therefore leader of the pack at all times. A dog is a lot happier when it knows his place and knows who to obey. Thus if you are being bullied by your dog the best answer would be not to respond, and if possible to physically turn your back Kyle Williams Bills Jersey , dont look at your dog and do not say anything to him. This demonstrates to your dog that he cannot get your attention by barking at you. At first your dog may well bark more loudly in order to try and get your attention again and that is why consistency is key, do not change your mind half way through and give in. Only give your attention again to him when he has calmed down and stopped barking. Another method to stop barking is to lean down and grasp your dogs muzzle in your hand at the same time gripping their collar to give yourself further leverage. Hold this position until your dog has stopped trying to break free and then after a further couple of seconds let go and praise your dog warmly. This should gradually reinforce the fact that you are pleased with your dog and that he will get your attention once he is quiet. These are a couple of tips then that may help you in the war on barking but above all remember that dogs need plenty of attention and plenty of exercise. Once these needs are met a lot of the barking that happens because of boredom and pent up energy will stop and that should ensure a quieter happier home-life for you. Does Your Dog Dig? Digging is a natural instinct for many dogs; however this doesnt mean that you have to abandon any hope of having a beautiful garden just because of your dog. There are many reasons why dogs choose to dig, first and foremost digging gives dogs a sense of purpose and makes them feel like they are achieving something. They therefore might turn to digging if they are bored, if they have insufficient exercise or if they just fancy getting out of the yard and going on a little journey or maybe they may feel like if they can escape they can find their way to you. If any of the above reasons are true for your dog then you will either have to up the exercise, give him extra toys and chews to play with while you are away or lock him in a more secure area or crate whilst you are away from home. If LeSean McCoy Bills Jersey , however, your dog just digs for the joy of it then try one of the following. Always make sure that your dog is supervised when he is out in the yard and distract him with a game if he starts digging. You could plant shrubs or flowers that have very deep hardy roots and sharp thorns, this alone might make your dog keep away from them. You could allow your dog his own little piece of digging heaven, as long as you enforce the rule that there is to be no digging anywhere else. This could be a part of the garden that has been sectioned off or if this is not ideal then his very own sandbox. This allows your dog to channel his lust for digging whilst ensuring that your garden remains untouched. To encourage him to dig in this particular area you could bury a couple of tasty treats or toys. You will probably have to supervise him at first, warning him off no go areas whilst lavishing praise on him when he digs in his own area. As we have seen dogs often love digging and thus it is necessary sometimes to tread a fine line between letting him enjoy himself and not wrecking your whole garden. A dog can be distracted from digging but if he is a persistent then it is possible to meet him half-way and find a solution that makes both sides happy. Author's Resource Box Alan brown. Hi there I just wrote a new EBook on how to stop your dog from barking. Check it out; I am giving it away for free.http:StopthedogbarkingArticle Source: ? Why mentoring? Why don?t you just learn how to play golf by reading a magazine? Why don?t you go to a library to learn how to play golf? Why on earth would anybody pay Butch Harmon or Hank Haney $2 Marcell Dareus Bills Jersey ,000.00 an hour, and often much more than that and spend multiple hours, day after day with them to learn one simple concept to improve their swing? Because their instruction has the corresponding value! In fact, their instruction translates into millions of dollars for some of their students, and the only real opportunity for lower .

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