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Father’s Guide To Shopping For Dolls Father’s Guide To Shopping For Dolls December 25 zapatillas asics outlet , 2013 | Author: Tom Guitard | Posted in Parenting
Your little girl wants a doll for Christmas and you don’t have the first idea on where to begin the search. Or worse, maybe she told you what she wants and you choked on the price tag. maybe you need some alternatives. Relax, you’ve stumbled on to the right article.

I have two daughters and no sons, so I know a thing or two about dolls. But, to be honest, I learned everything I know in the last six months. That’s because I opened up a doll store online. All the research I have done in order to write the articles is making me kind of an expert on dolls. So, I though I’d pass on some of my newly acquired knowledge on to some other guys who might be in a pinch during this season.

The first thing to understand are the different categories of dolls. If we were being very specific, there would be too many to sort through for your purposes. So, I’ll limit them to the few that a young girl would actually want at her age. These doll categories would be baby play dolls, young girl play dolls and fashion dolls.

The first category of dolls zapatillas asics baratas , baby dolls, are the classic, made from plastic or vinyl dolls. You know, the ones that small girls cart around in their baby buggies and feed feed with a spoon and bottle. These dolls are still popular with the little ones only. But, there is a twist, although some of them have the classic look, there are new popular ones that are realistic looking. By realistic, I mean that they are hard to tell from actual newborns. In fact, some are downright ugly like some real babies. These are called newborn dolls or sometimes realistic dolls.

The next category, young girls dolls are typically 18 inches tall. Some brands are smaller nike air pegasus 33 mujer baratas , though. These dolls are typically sweet-looking, young girls that are dressed in some type of theme. Often times they are period dolls representing young girls from a past era. The most popular are American Girls dolls. These dolls are great, but are pretty pricey. Fortunately, there are some knock off brands that are still high quality. You may look into Our Generation dolls or Adora dolls. All come with their own accessories and clothes. And, since they’re all the same size, everything is inter-changeable.

Fashion dolls are Barbie dolls and the like. Yes, they are still a hit with young girls. There are other types out there like Bratz dolls. Many of these are getting a bad name these days because of their accentuated sexuality and possible influence on young girls.

I sure hope you find what your little girls wants. This article gives you a reference for your search. You can find these dolls at any store where toys are sold. Of course, they can also be found online.

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