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There is more to article marketing than just cranking out article after article in the hope that they will be published. Most quality publishers screen every article submitted to them and reject any that are below standard. You need to be familiar with the article directory editorial guidelines. After all yeezy boost 350 black til salg , what the point of writing and submitting an article only to have it rejected when it comes before the eyes of an editor? It is not just falling foul of the editorial guidelines that can get your article rejected. Here are 10 common reasons why editors reject an article: # 1. Your article is of the wrong length. This is one area where the article directories are very strict. The editorial guidelines of many article directories have a minimum and a maximum word length. Those article directories that do have such limits will also have an automatic word counter that checks the length or your article before it even reviewed by a human editor. If your article is too short or too long, it will automatically be rejected. The general experience across many article directories is that disproportionately more short articles are rejected than longer articles. Ideally, your article should be between 700 and 800 words long. # 2. Make your article educational, not sales oriented. Every article you submit should be educational, and not designed to convince the reader to go to your website or to buy your products or services. Of course that is your intention, but you must do it indirectly. Most directories prohibit a direct link from your article to a sales page. If you write a sales orientated article yeezy boost 350 pirate black køb , no mater how good it is it will be rejected. # 3. Limit your links, both in the article body and your resource box. Most article directories allow up to three links in your article including your resource box. You may have HTML links in your resource box, but not in the body of your article. Ideally, you should have no outgoing links in your article body, but if you must give a link to support the information you are providing in your article, keep them to the minimum. # 4. If you do include a link in the article body adidas yeezy boost 350 oxford tan , put it after the first 3 paragraphs. The reason for this is that having a link early in your article distracts the reader, and could lead them away from your article prematurely. If you include a link, you must put it in the 4th or a later paragraph of the article. # 5. Your article title should describe what your article is about. I might be stating the obvious, but this is a common reason for rejection. Unbelievably, authors pick a good title and then write about something else. Your article must deliver on the promise of the title otherwise it will be rejected. Remember, you are writing for your target market and you must provide value for your readers. # 6. Limit the number of keywords. This is yet another common mistake that even experienced authors make. Most quality article directories limit the number of times your keyword can be used. This is usually expressed as a percentage of the total number of words in your article body (including headings) and your resource box. This is called keyword density. Realistically yeezy boost 350 tan køb , limit your keyword density to no more than 2%. Your keyword should be in the title of your article, as near to the start of your opening paragraph as is grammatically possible, and in the last sentence of your final paragraph. These are the only places that it really matters because these are the places the search engines look. # 7. Don include affiliate links in your article. That is an editorial guideline that most article directories have. You may, however, include an affiliate link in your resource box provided that it does not link directly to a sales page. # 8. Proofread your article at least twice, if not thrice! Many times articles will be declined simply because they contain grammatical errors yeezy boost 350 tan danmark , spelling mistakes and or other typographical errors. By all means use the spell checker on your word processor but do not rely on it. I find it helpful to print the article and then to read it aloud. You must proofread your article. The Mk 1 human eye ball picks up more errors from the printed page than it does from a computer screen. If you can, get somebody else to proof read your article. # 9. Limit your anchor text to not more than 3 words. Some article directories permit anchor text to be up to 4 words, but many limit it to three. Stick to a maximum of three words and you will be OK. The limit is imposed so as not to distract the reader from your article. # 10. Make sure your links work. Not all directories will test the links in your article. Those that do will reject it if the link does not work. Avoid making these 10 elementary errors in your articles and you will stand a much greater chance of having them published at the first try. Author's Resource Box Robert Reddin is a freelance writer and publisher based in the UK and who spends part of each year in South East Asia. If you write articles to promote your business, you can learn how to get them published here.Article Source: redicting the 5 biggest moves for 49ers in 2010I am not a admirer of individuals "Year in review" or in such cases a "Decade in Review" form of guy. Most days I often imagine that if we reflect far too much within the earlier, we won't develop within our potential. Considering of that, I definitely have a good deal of optimism to the future adidas nmd køb , specifically in this 2010 12 months.In 2010, cheap nfl jerseys the 49ers will enter the off-season by having an approach of what type of staff they have got for the adhering to year. The protection is stellar and really should be even better next 12 months. The only major free of charge agent the team needs to be anxious about is nose deal with Aubrayo Franklin and therefore the workforce can set the franchise tag on him.Also, cheap 49ers jer.
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