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Dublin Colleges and Universities June 1 , 2012 | Author: kevinlynch | Posted in Education
Article by John Russell

If you are planning to study in Dublin there are numerous Universities and Colleges to choose from. Dublin has a large student population consisting of both Irish students and many International students who come to Dublin for either their entire course or often for a term, semester or year. Dublin hosts a vibrant 3rd-level education community so it’s not practical to list all of the colleges, universities and institutes here, but below are listed the largest and best widely known with a short description of each:

Dublin City University (DCU)DCU is situated three miles north of the city centre and just a 15-minute bus journey from Dublin airport. With the city just a 10-minute bus drive away, students of DCU have the best of both worlds; the social and cultural benefits of city life, but with the security and vibrancy of a university campus DCU opened its doors 1980 and is recognized nationally and internationally as a centre of academic excellence. The design of the campus and the bright modern architecture make DCU a vibrant and attractive place to study. The campus is laid out to encourage community interaction with the John & Aileen O’Reilly Library at the East end and the restaurant and Helix Arts Centre at the West end. There are over 80 degree programmes, divided almost equally between undergraduate and postgraduate courses. There are over 11,000 students registered at DCU.

Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)With a history stretching back over one hundred and twenty years, DIT is recognised as a pioneer in technological higher education. DIT has 10,000 full-time third-level students pursuing 80 programmes and another 10 Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale ,000 additional students pursuing postgraduate, part-time and apprenticeship programmes. DIT encompasses 11 different locations across Dublin, with most located in or near the city centre. Some of the larger, better-known locations include; DIT Mountjoy Square is In the north-inner city within an easy walk of O’Connell Street. This campus houses the School of Art and Design and the School of Social Sciences and Legal Studies. The Faculty of Tourism and Food is located at DIT Cathal Brugha Street at the top of O’Connell Street (which is Dublin’s newly-refurbished main street). DIT Aungier Street, is also just few minutes’ walk from Stephens’ Green. The Faculty of Business, (the largest business school in Ireland !) the School of Media and the Department of Legal Studies are based here. Nearby is DIT Kevin Street includes all of the Faculty of Science; the School of Control Systems and Electrical Engineering; the School of Electronic and Communication Engineering; the School of Languages; and the National Bakery School. DIT Bolton Street hosts the Faculties of the Built Environment and of Engineering and is located in Dublin’s north inner city.

St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra (St. Pat’s)St Pat’s is has over 2,000 students taking courses in Education and Humanities at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Technically, St. Pat’s has been part of DCU since 1993 but it is well known as a college in its own right. If you grew up in Ireland, there’s a good chance your primary school teacher was educated here! The college has a long association with Catholic institutions Cheap Vintage NFL Jerseys , particularly the Vincentian Order. The Vincentians withdrew from the administration of the college in 1999 and now all St. Pat’s courses are accredited by DCU. Approximately 25% of places on the BA in Humanities degree are reserved for mature Students as are a smaller number of places on the B.Ed. programme.

Trinity College, Dublin (TCD)TCD was founded in 1592 and with a four-hundred-year-old can claim to be one of the great universities of the world. TCD is ranked in 52nd position in the top 100 world universities and 14th position in the top 200 European universities by the QS World University Rankings 2010. More importantly, TCD is located bang in the centre of Dublin city centre, right in the middle of the action! There were over 15,000 registered students in 200809.TCD is organised in to 3 Faculties; the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science and the Faculty of Health Sciences.Hosting the book of Kells and due to its beautiful cobblestone courtyards and many old buildings it is also a must when visiting the historical heritage of Dublin. Many tourists can be seen within in grounds, especially during the summer months.

University College Dublin (UCD)University College Dublin, is the largest University in the south of Dublin and the second largest on the island of Ireland with over 17 Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys ,000 students. It is located in Belfield in the South of Dublin city. It has five colleges – life sciences, human sciences, business and law, engineering mathematics and physical sciences and arts and celtic studies. Each college has numerous schools and postgraduate research schools.

As mentioned above due to the sheer number it is not possible to give details on all the colleges and universities available in Dublin so if you plan to attend one of the these we suggest you research them on-line and contact them directly for further information.We hope this has been of benefit to you as you enjoy student life in Dublin. Feel free to contact us (details below) if you are studying Dublin and we’d love to see you (we provide great student accommodation in Dublin).

Gateway Student Village,Ballymun Road,Dublin 9E-Mail: Phone: +353 (0)1 8424 060

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