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It is not a good time to be a hockey player in India. I wish I was talking about the astronomical aspect of it all. No Craig Conroy Flames Jersey , unfortunately, the only contingency vibe I can sense in the future of Indian hockey is the premonition of disaster. In a country which boasts unity in diversity, cricket stands out as the only sport commercialized enough to rake in a more than sizeable income. It is not fair on the other sports, I tell you. While an average kid in India will be able to name at least ten cricket players off the top of their head, it will be a true miracle if he or she can get the name of three hockey players down pat.

The truly sad part is the hockey players themselves are not helping the case of the national game. A sound example would be the hockey team’s disastrous performance at the 2012 London Olympics that earned them an abysmal twelfth place in the tournament, bringing in more shame to the good name of Indian hockey. The former players of the glorious hockey era watched with hung heads as the opposing team wiped the floor clean with our Indian players. The defeat actually caught off guard a nation that was anticipating a sterling show following their stupendous victory at the Olympic qualifiers. Needless to say, disappointment was part of the menu at the Olympics along with embarrassment and silent resentment.

All hope is not yet lost; India made a somewhat lukewarm comeback at the Melbourne Championships when they finished fourth place. Also Chad Johnson Flames Jersey , at the recent inaugural Hockey India auction, two of the members of the hockey squad- Sardar Singh and V.R.Raghunath fetched the biggest bids to the tune of USD 78,000 and USD 76,000 respectively, which just goes to show there is in fact a financial interest in the game and the government just has to find a way to tap into it.

True, hockey players’ income doesn’t hold up much on its own, but most of these players are not in it for the remuneration Take Ignace Tirkey for example. He has been with the team for more than ten years and is one of the oldest players of the squad. Ignace Tirkey profile is a true testament of the game’s ebbs and flows. Some of the highlights of Ignace Tirkey statistics include the golden goal he scored at Muruguppa Gold Cup in 2011. Even though it is time for him to retire he is looking forward to scoring a goal or two at the upcoming events in 2014. People may find children with missing teeth to be cute and adorable. But Brian Elliott Flames Jersey , when it comes to adults, dental miseries such as discoloured, stained, jagged, or missing teeth can be a painful and upsetting experience. So, blame it on unpredictable accidents, bad genes or a nasty habit of grinding teeth Brandon Bollig Flames Jersey , this unfavourable situation can leave you feel hesitant indulging on priceless pleasures and expressions such as laughing and smiling. Moreover, this notorious dental problem can also make a person feel extremely down and low on confidence.

Besides that ugly look and embarrassment, you can also come across several physical problems because of the loss of functional teeth. They are compromised chewing efficiency, loss of equilibrium in the chewing mechanisms, drifting of adjacent teeth into the missing gap, periodontal disease due to accumulation of food residues, accidental tongue biting and ulceration in the area Alex Chiasson Flames Jersey , TM joint problems and loss of alveolar bone height in the extracted area. Thanks to the advanced technologies in dentistry, as problem of broken or missing teeth can now easily remedied in most cases. Given below are the possible solutions that can replace missing teeth in the quickest possible time.

Dental implants

Dental implants can be considered as one of the best solutions for people with broken or missing teeth. Since this process is designed to provide strong foundation for replacement tooth that appears, feel and functions just like the original tooth, rest assured you will not be disappointed at all.

In this method, a tiny titanium rod is placed onto the jawbone, which plays similar role as a tooth root. When the implant heals within the jawbone, a tooth can be attached to it. However Al MacInnis Flames Jersey , this process is complex compared to others, but you will definitely get the natural feeling of a tooth with no side effects. While you undergo dental implants, your dentist will consider your health history and might recommend you to get radiographic examination done.

CompletePartial Dentures

If you are embarrassed to smile in public just because you are missing on a tooth, then opt for denture process. This can be your ultimate and inexpensive solution to your dilemma.

A denture is a piece of equipment that is made of acrylic and then fabricated in different ways. They are usually inserted in the mouth to replace natural teeth. This provides support to the cheeks and lips. Well, with the course of time, dentures may get damaged and thus it is essential to replace or relined them whenever needed to keep the jaw alignment normal.

Dental bridges

As the name suggests, 'dental bridge' Troy Brouwer Jersey , literally bridges the gaps created by one or more missing teeth. They are the device used to replace missing teeth by attaching the artificial teeth in between the two adjacent natural teeth called the abutment teeth. The false tooth is known as pontics and is usually made up of gold, alloys, porcelain or a combination of these materials. The major role of this method is to restore your smile, maintain the shape of the face, prevent remaining teeth from drifting out and restore the ability of chewing and speaking properly.


These tools are the removable plastic teeth that can be temporarily placed to give you that attractive look instantly.

Replacing a missing tooth with any of the above method, will not only improve your smile and appe. Wholesale MLB Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale NBA Jerseys Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China

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