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The Delhi region of the country is the well developed Northern region of the country. This city has an age old education sector that has changed and developed with the changing time. Till date this region has become home to a number of top notch and prestigious education institutions of the city. Pukie Pie a Pre School is one of the eminent schools of Delhi region and it is located in the Pitampura region of the state. The location of the city is ND Block Wholesale Hockey Jerseys Cheap Shop , Pitampura, New Delhi.

This school is located near the residential location so it becomes easy for the children to reach school on time and for the distant students the school does provide the transportation facilities. It is basically play school that provides education from the play group class till the LKG class. The Pukie Pie A Pre School is situated in lush green location of the city which is away from the hustle bustle of the daily traffic and pollution. This region is well developed and many students from other parts of the city come here to get better education. This school aims at providing a quality education system to the small students so that they could grow up to be independent and rational citizens of the country.

This school has an impressive infrastructure that has been designed keeping in mind, the concept of play school Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China Shop , so its outlook is made pretty beautiful and attention catching so that toddlers could create a liking for the school and could enjoy their learning experience in the institute. This English medium school is also a coeducational school that has the proficiency in the field of education and teaching. An inspiring and friendly environment encourages small children to mix easily with their contemporaries and with the teachers.

The academic and co curricular programs and activities are made of wide range of activities that helps them to enhance their key skills and also discover their true potential. The students are provided with the best possible school amenities and privileges. For instance well equipped classrooms, which are spacious as well as well furnished, a better sitting arrangement and a minimum teacher to student ratio; a large school library that contains many interesting reads so that students could inculcate the reading habit at a very young age Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China Cheap , a large school ground for outdoor activities, different activity rooms including the toy room and the music room for the leisure activity of the children.

In order to keep students abreast with the new age technology they are also provided with a large computer class that is well equipped with different systems that could help students to get to know about the computer and the related technology. This school tries to inculcate moral values and respect among the students towards the country and its age old tradition and culture. The Pukie Pie A Pre School has a firm belief that students should be encouraged and supported with their dreams as this provides them a strong motivation and encourages them to grow high in life.

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