No OT vs. Oilers a relief to Maple Leafs' Marleau

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Date sent: 2017/12/05 09:03:26
With about a minute to go on <a href=""></a> Thursday, the Maple Leafs were in a state of high anxiety for blowing a couple of leads against Edmonton and facing the prospect of dealing with the Oilers track stars in 3-on-3 overtime.
Kris Russell’s own goal ended the threat of having Connor McDavid come out with 200 feet of ice to work with. Edmonton has three overtime wins.
“I was thinking about that a little bit on the bench,” said Patrick Marleau, who has almost 20 years on McDavid. “That would have been challenging.
“It’s amazing the way he <a href=""></a> moves out there. He’s got another gear and kind of looks like The Matrix the way he weaves in and out of guys.”

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