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Wuhan industrial development momentum quietly shift a number of 'invisible champion' beachhead international market_World light industry
Reporter He Liang over the past five years, in the supply side of the structural reform background, Wuhan Iron and Steel take the initiative to reduce production capacity, shut down the steel stove; but contrary to the information technology, bio-medicine, intelligent manufacturing as the representative of ' Of the rise, the same in five years, Wuhan each year a new 100 billion pillar industry. In this 'one by one increase', the Wuhan industrial development momentum moncler bambino has been quietly shift. In recent years, Wuhan emerging industries emerged in the chemical industry, precision electronics, good shop, winter coats for women love emperor, Ma Yinglong, Yi Watt and a snow parkas ladies number of 'invisible adidas yeezy low champion', on behalf of Wuhan manufacturing to participate in international competition. Four major industrial sector into the 'invisible champion' incubation base 5 years, 'big light Valley' 'carts are' 'big air' 'big port' four industrial core plate efficiency gathered to become the main battlefield of economic restructuring; The city's three cross-tricyclic central city and five new urban areas, has adidas ultra boost been built industrial multiplier development area of ​​200 square kilometers, a 'invisible champion' fertile ground for growth. 'Economic development depends on the market leader in the enterprise.' 'Invisible champion' theory proposed by Herman Simon pointed out that 'invisible champion' represents the core competitiveness and market discourse. Wuhan Zhongren Ruizhong is the largest private auto parts manufacturing enterprises in central China, the industry as 'invisible champion' for the global automotive to provide metal parts. 5 years, the winter coats 2017 city's total industrial investment over one trillion, SAIC GM and a large number of major projects have introduced, built and put into operation, launched the national storage base, the moncler milano national aerospace industry adidas zx flux womens base project, build trillions of 'chip - display - intelligent terminal' The whole industry chain ecological system and hundreds of billions of aerospace industry chain, optoelectronic information, bio-medicine, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy and energy saving and environmental protection and other plate aggregation development, 'invisible champion' created a natural hatching conditions. 'Stealth champion' get together to compete in the international market last year, Wuhan Jing Ji electronic sales in the flat market segment sales of more than 500 million yuan, becoming the first for the world's top ten display production enterprises to provide testing products of Chinese enterprises. Huazhong University of Science and Technology graduate Peng Qian lightweight down jackets women's led the team in the field of flat-panel detection research and development for many years, this seemingly small market to achieve the ultimate, to win the international voice, the end of last year, fine electronics listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Over the past five years, Wuhan new and old energy conversion to accelerate the rapid development of high-tech industries, a number of world-class 'stealth moncler bambino outlet champion' was born in the Han. In 2016, electronic information, advanced manufacturing and new materials in three major areas, winter coats for girls completed piumini moncler 2018 a total adidas boost sale output value of 655.581 billion winter coats 2017 men's yuan, accounting for above-scale industrial high-tech industry output value of 90.2%, 2011, Wuhan University of Technology Dr. Peng Fan in the subject experiment found a number of Chiral materials is difficult to buy, the price is also very expensive, Peng Fan and the person founded the 'Lai chemical' to start research and development of chiral materials. In adidas zx flux uk 2014, 'Lihe Chemical' launched only three companies worldwide production of yeezy adidas heavyweight chiral catalyst products, and successfully exported to South Korea. At present, the company has 10 high-end chiral compounds in the leading domestic piumino fabrette moncler borsa moncler imbottita varieties, two or three varieties of the world's leading. Over the past five years, driven by the new economy, Wuhan has a large number of 'invisible champion', and in the international market to win an important voice. 'Wuhan stealth champion' polished 'Wuhan made' business card 'Wuhan was able to ring in the country only the textile and clothing and food industry.' Wuhan, an entrepreneur said, but from the 90s of last century began to decline, many have Loud brand disappeared. Over the past five years, in the new economic tide emerged under the black duck, good shop, love Emperor and other industries 'invisible champion', Wuhan once again polished food and textile two business cards. As of the end of 2016, Zhou black duck brand covers 13 provinces and municipalities, to profit calculation, has become China's largest casual halogen products business. Last year in November, Zhou black duck listed, as the first Hong Kong shares of leisure halogen products. Hubei Liangpin Food Industry Co., Ltd. as the field of leisure snacks 'invisible champion', with more than 2,100 line shop; 2016 annual sales of over 6 billion yuan, has more than 30 million members. Not long ago, good shop was awarded the 'China 500 most valuable brand.' Last year in April, focusing on textile and garment 22 years of Wuhan Ai Di Group invested 350 million yuan of intelligent industrial park put into production, the production of high - end clothing sold to more than 30 countries around the world, becoming the largest private textile and garment enterprises in central China.

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