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Wuhan high-speed rail 'friends circle' to further expand to Lanzhou fastest only 7 hours - Trade, global trading platform
Hubei snow parkas ladies Daily News (full winter coats 2017 media reporter Lei Chuang correspondent Meng Li Zhang Qi) people eat winter coats for girls hot noodles, winter coats for women then go to Lanzhou tasting ramen. Wuhan Railway Bureau on the 21st release, from July 1 onwards, the national railway to implement a new train operation map, Wuhan opened to Lanzhou high-speed rail, the whole less than 7 hours. Wuzhou (state) Lan (state) high-iron treasure (chicken) Lan section of the winter coats 2017 men's opening operation, July 1, Wuhan to Lanzhou will be between the six rows of adidas zx flux womens high-speed rail, passengers from Wuhan take the G96 high-speed rail, Operating the shortest time, arrived in Lanzhou West Station only 6 hours 42 minutes, than the current fastest moncler bambino Pu Le borsa moncler imbottita compression 10 hours. Visitors arrived in Lanzhou, transfer to Xining, Urumqi, respectively, only 1.5 hours, 11 hours. Railways said that after the opening of Wuhan Lanzhou high-speed rail, Wuhan as the center of the 'rice' type of high-speed rail network to further improve, starting from Wuhan, you can take high-speed rail direct access to 24 provincial-level administrative city, high-speed yeezy adidas rail 'friends circle' to adidas boost sale further expansion. Travelers said that Wuhan opened to Lanzhou high-speed rail, will further promote the Hubei moncler milano people to Lanzhou investment, tourism, adidas ultra boost economic development plays an important role in promoting the two places. The newly opened lightweight down jackets women's 22 bus, high-speed rail (motor car) 16, piumino fabrette moncler short-distance high-speed bus 6 column. High-speed rail are: Changsha South ~ Lanzhou West G864 / 5, G866 / 3 times 2 bus, Hankou ~ Chongqing North D629 / adidas yeezy low 30 times, Hankou ~ Hangzhou East D2190 / 87, D2188 / 9 times, Wuhan ~ Hangzhou East D2194 / 1 D2192 / 3, Hankou ~ Ningbo D2198 adidas zx flux uk / 5, D2196 / 7 times, Wuhan ~ Fuzhou D3267 / 8 times, Changsha South ~ Beijing West G534 / 3 times, Xiamen North (Xiamen) ~ Chongqing North D2376 / 7, D2378 / 5 times. In the short-distance train: Hankou ~ Shiyan K8085 / 6 moncler bambino outlet times, Shiyan (Xiangyang) piumini moncler 2018 ~ Hankou K8076 / 5 times (passenger peak period), Shiyan (Xiangyang) ~ Hankou K8078 / 7 times (passenger peak period), 2 bus The run level is increased and the run time is further compressed. Hankou ~ Tianjin K920 / 17, K918 / 9 times 2 train lift level for the express passenger train, trips to T320 / 17 T318 / 9 times, the whole run time compression 50 minutes. 10 minutes of the bus trips change: Hankou ~ Xiangyang D5271 / 2 2 bus (passenger peak period), the number of trips changed to D5251 / 2 times; Hankou ~ Suizhou D5273 / 4 times 2 bus (passenger peak period), trips Change to D5261 / 2 times; Hankou ~ Macheng North D5962 / 1 times 2 bus (passenger peak period), the number of trips changed to D7002 / 1; Hankou ~ Macheng North D5964 / 3 2 bus (passenger peak period) , Trips changed to D7012 / 1 times; Hankou ~ Jingmen K8105 / 6 times 2 bus (passenger peak period), trips changed to K8101 / 4 times.

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