Castle Peak surrounded by a total

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Wuhan closed Jiangtan yeezy adidas winter coats for girls adidas zx flux womens gate social vehicles forbidden - Trade, global trading platform
Yesterday, the Yangtze River water level continued to rise, as of 17:00, Wuhan water level 27.60 meters, over warning snow parkas ladies 0.30 meters. Wuhan moncler bambino outlet borsa moncler imbottita City, Jiangan everywhere began to winter coats 2017 men's block the project, the winter coats for women public visitors can enter and exit the river, non-flood control vehicles winter [url=]lightweight down jackets women's coats 2017[/url] prohibited. Yesterday morning at 8 o'clock, the reporter in the Hankow Marshland terminal piumini moncler 2018 dock to see, the staff is inflatable wall of rubber, the implementation moncler milano piumino fabrette moncler of closure. The city marshland management office of the relevant person in charge, Guangdong Han dock gate is a low gate, moncler bambino elevation 27.33 meters, lower than adidas boost sale the current Yangtze River water level, in order to ensure flood control, need to stop in adidas yeezy low advance. As adidas ultra boost of press time, Hankou, Wuchang, Hanyang, Castle Peak surrounded by a total of 15 closed gates. According to reports, the city's marshland a total of 42 openings, in adidas zx flux uk addition to low gate, the common gate and high gate opening closure standards for the Yangtze River in Wuhan, respectively, 2780 meters and 28.00 meters, will be closed as water.

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