more than 4 tons of detergent

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Date sent: 2017/12/05 07:36:45
Wuhan side out of counterfeit cleaning agent dens quality supervision departments are tracking the flow of related products - Trade, global trading platform
(Reporter Zhang Jun correspondent Hu Qiongzhi) yesterday morning, in Jiangxia District, a secluded courtyard, Wuhan City Bureau of Quality adidas ultra boost Supervision Bureau and the Jiangxia District Quality Supervision Bureau jointly End off a place to sell fake detergent cleaning point. Yesterday morning 5:15 Xu, Jiangxia borsa moncler imbottita District Bridge in the new office under the cypress village, a secluded villa courtyard piumini moncler 2018 entrance, 3 van is busy, piumino fabrette [url=]winter [url=]lightweight down jackets women's coats for women[/url] moncler[/url] and some are on the goods, and some on the full price is trying to go away. At this time, more than quality supervision and inspection vehicles to stop the start has stopped the van, more moncler milano than 10 law enforcement officers snow parkas ladies appeared, all three van into the hospital. Reporters heard the news rushed to the scene, I saw the hospital filled with detergent large pot, part filled with detergent, there are some empty adidas zx flux uk pot, this pot for the 20 kg specifications. The courtyard deep in the cottage, filled with a box of detergent, 5 liters and 1.29 liters loaded two specifications, as well as processing winter coats 2017 filling equipment. In addition to the yard inside winter coats for girls the yard on the right side of the building also found a number of similar settings, just like the formation of a number of production workshop. According to reports, the scene seized adidas zx [url=]winter coats 2017 men's flux womens[/url] 20 kilograms of detergent detergent 420 pots, adidas boost sale 5 liters of detergent 120, and 1.29 liters of 48 moncler bambino moncler bambino outlet pieces. Law enforcement officers said that the production and marketing of detergent are fake brand, and no production license, the need for further testing of its quality. It is adidas [url=]yeezy adidas yeezy low[/url] reported that this action is launched by the masses to start. According to the whistleblower said that the dens every day orders, usually in the evening and early morning production, the night can produce more than 4 tons of detergent, end users are mostly small restaurants, used to wash utensils and so on. The lead is a couple from Enshi, who has been in business for two years. At present, the product has been seized and transferred, the case is still deep digging. Wuhan City, the quality supervision departments are tracking the flow of counterfeit products.

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