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Date sent: 2017/12/05 07:36:00
Wuhan River Festival held as scheduled, will be the 16th Yangtze River water level will be _ Hubei Daily News
Crossing the river section test. (Reporter Gao Chongcheng intern Guo Fan correspondent Wan Min Liu Yi) 6th morning, 2017 the 43rd session of the river section of the organizing committee held in Wuhan Agricultural Bank of the total number of contract signed.... Ceremony, then, the organizing committee officially released the news, if the 16th of the Yangtze River water level below 27.30 meters, Wuhan International River Festival will be held as scheduled. 14 foreign athletes will participate in the crossing on the 16th of the day the Wuhan International River Festival will set up individual cross-match and the masses of the team crossed the two projects, personal flight from Wuchang Hanyang Gate No. 1 Ming mouth adidas ultra boost pier, grab Crossing to the other side of the Yangtze piumino fabrette moncler adidas yeezy low River Hanyang South Bank mouth, about 1800 meters. At present, there are 14 athletes, four coaches and leaders in Sweden, Germany, borsa moncler imbottita the United Kingdom, Singapore, the United States, Australia and other countries. There are 50 in Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Fujian, Hubei and Yunnan. Many domestic athletes will winter coats 2017 men's also come to Han. The men's and women's groups will receive $ 20,000, $ 8,000 and snow parkas ladies $ 5,000 respectively, and the winter coats for girls amount of bonuses will be higher than that of the previous men's and women's groups. A substantial increase. Moreover, the crossing of the entry threshold also improved a lot, male and female personal test results to meet the national level of two levels of athletes, rush players will also be 14 winter coats for women to Han to qualify, through the qualifying contestants To participate in the 16th official game. The masses across the winter coats 2017 Yangtze River is the number of people across the Yangtze River route piumini moncler 2018 is Wuchang Hanyang door on the 1st Mingkou terminal to Hankou Marshland Sanyang Square, run about 6,000 meters. At present, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Chongqing, Taiyuan, Tianjin, Changsha, Nanjing, Hefei, Nanchang, Wenzhou, Henan, Xi'an, EMBA China, Liuzhou, Jiangsu Union, Sichuan Union, Wuyi Mountain, Qianjiang, Hong Kong, Macao and Hubei 21 A foreign team has completed the test and selection moncler bambino work, is currently under intense training, is expected to participate in adidas [url=]lightweight down jackets women's zx flux uk[/url] the cross the number of field athletes will reach 2100 people. Wuhan local team test selection work began on May 26, a total of 7725 people register, the organizing committee merit received more than 3,000 players composed of 30 squads to participate in this year's cross-Yangtze activities. This year to participate in cross the Yangtze River squad adidas zx flux womens total of 51, the total moncler bambino outlet number of about 5100 people, the total number of squadrons and the total number of players are the largest in recent years, a section of the river festival. Crossing the river energy adidas [url=]moncler milano boost sale[/url] can be held yeezy adidas as scheduled to see the water a year ago crossing the river because of the Yangtze River flood season and flood control and other reasons to cancel, making the swimming lovers deeply regret. At present, to the flood season, the Yangtze River in Wuhan water level up a lot. Wuhan City Sports Bureau official said in a press conference today, in view of the Yangtze River water level and flow rate has great uncertainty, the organizing committee has prepared ahead of the plan, if the 16 Yangtze River in Wuhan, the water level below 27.30 meters, the average flow rate Less than 1.66 m / s, crossing the river will be held as scheduled; if the 16th Yangtze River in Wuhan water level of more than 27.30 meters, the flow rate higher than 1.66 m / s, for flood control and safety and other reasons, crossing the festival will not be scheduled , Will be determined as the specific circumstances of the river section is held or canceled.

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