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Wuhan crossing the river festival to drive millions of people to travel - Trade, global trading platform
(July 16, 2017, 43rd Wuhan 716 Dajiang Festival will be held in a large winter coats 2017 place.) The main venue of the '7.16 National Swimming and Fitness Week' is held on July 16 and 2017. 14, the State Sports General Administration of swimming management center adidas [url=]borsa moncler imbottita yeezy low[/url] deputy director Zhao Jian winter coats for girls on the phone to accept the Changjiang Daily reporter interview, he said, Wuhan crossing the river has a long history, prestigious, is the most extensive mass of adidas ultra boost the national swimming activities, but also the national people Fitness activities played a leading role model. Zhao Jian said, as we all winter coats 2017 men's know, 51 years ago, Comrade Mao Zedong in Wuhan tour the Yangtze River, to the Chinese sports and Chinese swimming left a valuable adidas zx [url=]winter coats for women flux womens[/url] cultural heritage. The Wuhan River has been successfully held for 42 sessions, the majority of the people in Wuhan under the active participation of the vigorous development, and gradually renowned throughout the country moncler bambino outlet and become the most extensive mass swimming activities, the activities of the Yangtze River in Wuhan, National fitness activities throughout the country also played a leading role model. Coupled with Wuhan unique culture and charm of the Yangtze River, as well as crossing the activities reflected in the 'pioneers, the pursuit of excellence,' lightweight down jackets women's the adidas boost sale spirit of moncler milano Wuhan, snow parkas ladies from many aspects moncler bambino of view, Wuhan will piumini moncler 2018 be the main night of the National Swimming and fitness week, yeezy adidas Are well deserved Zhao Jian introduced this year's '7.16 National Swimming and Fitness Week' by the 31 provinces (urban areas) of the 453 counties and cities to participate in more than 650 activities in piumino fabrette moncler the country's rivers and lakes in the waters of the masses to swim adidas zx flux uk fitness activities , The number of participants more than one million, can be described as 'swimming' move the Divine Land. In addition to the main venue of the Wuhan River Festival, as well as Shandong Penglai, Zhejiang Jiaxing, Hebei Handan and other 14 national key venues, are adapted to local conditions, combined with their own characteristics, launched a variety of mass swimming activities. The organizers will also rank the outstanding sites and reward them. Zhao Jian hope, through the hot swimming week to carry out the whole body, inherit and carry forward the spirit of Comrade Mao Zedong tour the Yangtze River, attract more people to participate in swimming, physical fitness, exercise will, promote national fitness, help people health.

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