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This article is the 43rd session of this year, you impressed by the river 'swimmer' is what it looks like? If you can only think of old and famous uncle aunt, winter swimming for many years Big Brother Big Sister, it had to say, you OUT. Look here, so that from all over the country, 'small flowers' and 'small fresh meat' to tell you, Wuhan '716' crossing the river festival also has long legs, high value, with a full range of fashion children! Duan Rui Zhou Xiaoyue Huang Xuwen Zhang Lin Tao and Shang Xiaoyan Hefei guy low-key show 'mermaid line' Hefei side team Duan Rui, 26 years old, is a love photo show 'mermaid line' young man. Hefei side team in the trials, a small section of 400 meters breaststroke performance is 6 minutes, the team first. Teammates mention he said, this is our team master. Asked him why he can take the first, small smiles: more practice. Engaged in the hotel work section, is a fitness enthusiasts, yeezy adidas love running, love swimming, usually two or three times a week tour. The first time to Wuhan to participate in the river festival, paragraph mentality relaxed: 'is a good fun, good tour.' Years ago, only a teenager, followed by his father to travel to Jiangxi, father took him to the Yangtze River swim a swim. This is the first time in the river to swim in the adidas ultra boost river, and in the pool or the reservoir in a very different feeling, so he fell in love with the river in the river to fight the feeling of storms. Nanchang flowers also intend to cross the Qiongzhou Strait 14-year-old Zhou Xiaoyue, Nanchang side team is the youngest player. Age is small, but the goal of a month is not low - this year to Wuhan River test water, next year ready to cross the Qiongzhou Strait. In 2014, the moon's father Zhou Yan crossed the Qiongzhou Strait. At that time my father in an interview, Aria is also next to. Encouraged by the moon quietly said to her father, she would like to practice swimming, and later to cross the Qiongzhou Strait. Now, after several years of professional training, auspicious swimming level has been more than the father. This summer, Aria has begun to accumulate physical fitness, running 7 km per day, or travel moncler bambino 3000 meters, for the next year to winter coats for girls prepare for the Qiongzhou Strait. Beauty boss is a sportsman EMBA Chinese team Huang Xuwen, not only sports water prevention company beauty boss, or a sportsman. Her network called 'flying fish', participated in Germany, France, Japan and many moncler milano other countries marathon, is also an lightweight down jackets women's iron man three players. The year before the Wuhan '7.16' crossing the river festival, Huang continued Wen was the first time to participate in the commander was the task. Crossing the river process also occurred in a small episode: because there is no experience crossing the river, a member of the slippers linked to the yellow Hui Wen's swim ring, her swim ring also tied the team flag. winter coats for women On the way after the slippers become very heavy water, the flag off the pressure. When ashore, their team flag is shorter than others. This unique crossing the river experience, so that Huang Changwen obsessed. That year in October, she specifically came to Wuhan, looking for a boat to follow, once again across the Yangtze River. Handsome guy is Henan swimming team 'Huhuashizhe' reporter to Henan Xinxiang team leader to the team's handsome beauty burst photo, the results of the team sent a male and female photo: winter coats 2017 men's 29-year-old handsome Zhang Lin Tao Gao tall, Bird by people '. Zhang Lintao is a self-employed, joined the winter swimming team only two years, but his strength is good, 400 meters freestyle only 8 minutes. He will be in his hometown adidas boost sale estuary every five kilometers travel long distance, last year also participated in the activities across the Yellow River. Handsome Zhang Lintao is a letter of the warm men. In the swimming team, each time to participate in large-scale swimming activities, Zhang Lintao have been arranged finale, his task is to follow and protect the team only a female member Xiao Yan, 'she travel how fast, 'Zhang Lintao is the first time to come to Wuhan to participate in the river festival, this time his task is to continue to act as a finale and' Huhuashizhe '. North Jiangsu guy crossing the river when the 18-year-old Chen Jizhou, Jiangsu Province, the team is the youngest team. 'To participate in the Wuhan River Festival is to exercise their willpower, graduated from high school to participate in this event is very memorable, this is my adult ceremony.' Just graduated from high school Chen Jizhou and mother Wang Feng together, Crossing the Yangtze River. In order to participate in the river festival, after the end of the college entrance examination, Chen Jizhou almost every day to the swimming pool training, or to outdoor exercise. Chen grew up to love swimming, kindergarten classes began to participate in swimming training, adhere to the four years, every day in the water to stay for two and a half hours. Training is painful, but Chen struggled to keep down, still in the province of the game won the ranking. 'Wuhan crossing the river festival is the first mother to participate in the registration, she is my mind's example.' Chen Jizhou said. Shanxi girl as the movement for the 'beauty soup' skin if the creamy, if the face of peach, Shanxi Fang Liu Liu in the circle is famous 'frozen age beauty', and her 'fresh' secret is the movement. 'Everyone has at least one of their own hobbies to keep going.' Liu said that she usually swim every week, at least three times a week swimming pool. In preparation for crossing the river before, she and the players every day training, rehearsal matrix. She felt swimming for the body of zero damage, but also to prevent lumbar disc herniation, fitness is one of the best sports beauty. A friend said, as long as Liu Liu to the pool side of the station, that is full piumino fabrette moncler of professional temperament. Originally, Liu Li was a professional swimmers, won the national women's swimming competition second, all kinds of national, provincial awards to get soft. A few days ago, she also joined the team with the activities of the Yellow River. Guangzhou 90 after the sister love to read Chairman Mao poetry 90 long legs girl Xie Zhiyi is a Chinese medicine division of Guangzhou People's Hospital, she likes swimming, water adidas zx flux womens polo, piumini moncler 2018 basketball, bowling, tennis, mountain climbing and so on all kinds of sports, friends say she used Each cell interpretation of what is 'static if the child, moving if winter coats 2017 the rabbit.' Xie Zhiyi read the first grade of primary school, because the 'legs long' was elected to the swimming team, since then, and swim forged a bond. Talked about the participation of Wuhan '7.16' crossing the river festival, Xie Zhiyi cherish, she passed moncler bambino outlet the Guangdong Winter Swimming Association of safety training, testing, selection, zipper, over five cut six, will finally get this time adidas zx flux uk The opportunity to cross the Yangtze River. 'When I was a child at home to see my father's book, read Chairman Mao crossed the Yangtze River that period, imagine the rolling waves of rapid water, suddenly awe-inspiring, I was eager to grow snow parkas ladies up like Chairman Mao, bravely cross the Yangtze River. 'Wuyishan beauty college entrance examination after the emergency application of 19-year-old Yu Mengyuan, is a lively Fujian girl, this year just ended the intense college entrance examination. I heard this year, Wuhan River Festival, did not hesitate to report the name. 'I like to swim and swim in the outdoors, but I have never been swimming in the river, adidas yeezy low especially in the Yangtze River, so I am looking forward to this event.' Yu Mengyuan said that the year before saw the Wuhan River Festival on television The scene so that she was shocked, then want to participate if it is a very exciting thing. 'I did not expect this soon to realize the dream.' Yu Mengyuan said, both to feel when Chairman Mao in the flow of water heroic, borsa moncler imbottita but also feel thousands of people crossing the river at the same time the passion. 'We from Wuyi Mountain to Wuhan can be described as crossing the mountains and rivers, to participate in a Wuhan crossing the festival is not easy, so do not want to leave their own regret. Sophomore students to Han feel crossing the scene sophomore Yu Xinqi, born in Wuyishan, Fujian Province, usually like sports, I heard that you can register to participate in Wuhan, '7.16' after the river festival, did not hesitate to register to participate in. 'Swimming way to commemorate Chairman Mao, I think it makes sense The 'Yu Xinqi said. Xiao Yu's parents are very fond of swimming in the open waters, which also affected him, so he liked the sport .This Wuhan crossing the river festival, not only in the open waters, but also the largest in the country Scale activities, which is to let Yu Xinqi whom tempted. 'I believe that the scene must be very shocking. I will not give our side team dragged his legs, will be able to successfully complete crossing the river. 10 years old juvenile Zhou Yang, is actually a authentic Wuhan ya .He went to primary school, it has been insisting to Hongshan Yingdong swimming pool to learn swimming .11 years old with the parents work transfer transfer To Beijing, but has not given up on the hobby of swimming. 'Last year, Zhou Yang junior high school graduation, we are ready to take him back to Han to participate in the river festival. Unfortunately, because the flood did not take place. 'Zhou Yang's mother said, in order to be able to dream, Zhou Yang this year very hard to practice, for fear from the Beijing side team unsuccessful, and ultimately in the 400 meters breaststroke test travel 8 minutes 7 seconds.' Zhou Yang was too small before Did not have time to swim in the Yangtze River. He often told us that a family in Wuchang, Hankou riverside play scene, see that he wanted to fight in the Yangtze River in the desire to become more and more intense. Today, we can finally dream, he can not live youth good time! 'Chen Jizhou Liu Liuhua Xie Zhiyi Yu Mengyuan Yu Xinqi Zhou Yang

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