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Wuhan crossing the Yangtze River to the world of gifts - Trade, global trading platform
Today, Wuhan. This is the '2017 43rd Wuhan 716 Dujiang Festival', the national '7 · 16 National Fitness Swimming Week' main venue, but also 5000 Chinese and foreign players 'by carnival.' The Yangtze River, the Chinese mother river, here, at this time, open arms, embrace the different color of the children. Wave dip sunny, Chutian wide miles of the Yangtze River, since the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau mountains, fast and down. Line to Jianghan Plain, suddenly, a horse Pingchuan, ho ho soup. Yangtze River, the largest tributary of the Han River, in Wuhan into the Yangtze River. Liangjiang intersection in the downtown area, from afar, Jingwei distinct. 'A scoop scoop up two rivers, half a cup of tea three town incense'. In the heart of a mega-city, a list of two rivers together, days of high water wide natural wonders, the world only here, Jiangcheng bear their names. There is water, there is the dream of human swim. The waters of the world are boundless. To 200 years ago, the poet Byron romantic cross Dada Neal Strait as the beginning, the human piumino fabrette moncler cross the waters far more than thousands. The Strait of the Strait, the Strait of Strait, the Strait of Malacca ... ... these world famous strait crossing, due to width, water temperature, ocean currents, water biological impact, generally a few top master brave game. Sun Moon Lake, Lake Baikal, Lake Nasser Lake, Kanas Lake, and some other striking cross, mostly adidas zx flux uk for the still water, quiet beauty, and crossing the river style is different. Victoria Harbor, the narrowest 740 meters, the Thames River 230 meters wide, the Seine River an average of 200 meters, the Huangpu River, but 300 meters -700 meters, these waters, wins in the prestigious, but good people often not fun. Miles Yangtze River, the world's third largest river, ocean 6000 km. The upper reaches of the terrible terrain, the downstream ocean current top, mid-Wan Gan often crocodile haunt. So, Wuhan, debut. Wuhan section of the Yangtze River, the water temperature of more than 20 degrees Celsius, water about 2 meters per second, the width of 1300 meters from top to bottom, it is a moderate section. First-class master can cross, ordinary people can drift, and then adidas ultra boost if not, standing in the fence north and south of the Yangtze River Bridge, under the crowd to see the ups and downs, on the waves dip sunny ... borsa moncler imbottita ... Wuhan crossing the river, really the Yangtze River to the world Good gift. Fighting, fighting, where the romantic maneuvers countless geographical decisions. River washed from Wuhan, since ancient times is a good water city. The Book of Songs said, Jiang Han Tang Tang, Wu Fu Guang Guang, which is simply for the future crossing adidas yeezy low the warriors booking hymns. Historical records, more than a thousand years ago, the Song Dynasty, 'Wuchang City, good swim athletes in groups, hand-color flags, out of the han door, fighting the Yangtze River, the wind, such as moncler bambino outlet grazing, or drums, or trample, or tie , The two sides of the audience, such as tide, laughter thunder. '- a good lively scenery of the river! Modern crossing the river, a little more calm. In 1934, Zhang Xueliang organized the first large-scale races, soldiers, athletes and ordinary people to participate in, one hundred people struggle, both for the flood control, but also to save lives. Wuhan, the largest star in the history of the river, when the founding leader Mao Zedong. Leaders love swimming and poetry, life 42 times in Wuhan tour the Yangtze River, a 'no matter wind and waves, it is better to walk stroll', straight master Yu water first-class realm. Leaders last crossing the river, snow parkas ladies is 1966 July 16, when 73 years old, 8 million people with the leader hit the water, spectacular - this is now adidas boost sale 'Wuhan 716 crossing the river' origin. Time was removed, how much ups and downs. Today, along with Wuhan to the international metropolis, Wuhan 716 crossing the festival gradually become a 'global wave carnival.' Just today, 2017 43rd Wuhan 716 crossing the river festival, nearly 40 first-class master, 51 mass square, 5000 foreign swimers by the waves of the Yangtze River, the composition of the history of the largest river group. And today, '7.16 National Fitness Swimming Week' start, in addition to the Wuhan main venue, the country more than 600 cities at the same time held cross, racing and other activities, the summer by the waves, has become a national carnival. Although the participation of the river section of the population, for the country's most, but the last crossing the river champion has blooming foreigners, men's team champion for the Swedish guy, women's top group for the German girl. More than they are. In the past crossing the swimmer, the adidas zx flux womens Olympic champion, crossing the Haida people, the world famous yeezy adidas in the column. Master gathered, racing bonus has gone up. This year, Wuhan Dujiang Festival champion rose to 20,000 US dollars prize money for the world's most open waters of the piumini moncler 2018 race. Wuhan crossing the river, not only the ordinary people of the swimming carnival, has become the pinnacle of the world's swordsman sword. Read you thousands of times do not tired of 57-year-old Wuhan winter swimming up people Zhou Hanming, since the small bubble in the Yangtze River, life crossing the Yangtze River only ten thousand times. Crossing the river in him, there is a chic 'Ya said': read water. Read the water, such as reading, read her, will fall in love with her. The Yangtze River is alive. Any signs of trouble, she went to the heart. The sun will change, the flow rate will change, the waves will change, the wind speed will change, and even the intersection of the two river water temperature is also significantly different. Read, read will be, crossing the river every time, are brand new. Swimming star Zhao Jing, said after crossing the river, which is very different with the pool, blue sky, white clouds, sunshine, water waves, the kind of natural affection of the feelings, it is too cool. This is a long 1300 moncler bambino meters, compiled a number of fireworks story. Some people, every morning put the shirt trousers into the lifeboat, from the moncler milano south of the home, swim to the other side to work. On a second or natural son, the next second is the city of people, such a day, not too legendary. Regardless of the cold and heat, 5 o'clock in the morning, dawn will be exposed, there is a swimmer crossing the river. Watery day color, mist roll, such a view, do not winter coats for women be too intoxicating. Last year the Mid-Autumn Festival, the occasion of the full moon, more than 200 swimsuers night crossing the Yangtze River. Head of a round of Haoyue, Jiang lights little bit, this group of water urchin, not too romantic. The warmest story from Zhou Hanming where the Yangtze River volunteer rescue team. This set up a 7-year volunteer team, all the perennial winter swimming Yangtze River swimmer, mostly older than 50 years old, but has a strong rescue capability. Can be 2 meters per second flow in the river, 30 seconds to save the water fell. Rescue team depends on voluntary, perennial escort in the Yangtze River Han River coast. Today, more than 300 registered persons, thousands of people automatically participate in the value, save countless. This group of swordsman, is really a warrior, with chivalrous, bloody, skill and bravery, touched China, moved the world. Drunk laugh winter coats for girls with thirty thousand human society, after a well-off, sports and culture will gradually heat up. The beauty of culture, in the static; sports beauty, in the experience, in the experience of the enjoyment of the winter coats 2017 United States. Two years ago in Wuhan, 'Han Ma' just a debut, then 'the most beautiful lightweight down jackets women's marathon track' amazing world. In fact, Wuhan crossing the river, has a more beautiful 'water marathon track', eyeful are magnificent river view. The location of the Hanyang door, Wuhan one of the oldest wharf, the city millennium silent witness. Looked up, Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, a bridge flying north and south, natural moat change thoroughfare. Hanjiang Jiangnan south of the mouth, the two rivers meet, Jing Wei distinct, the world wonders. Miles Yangtze River on the first floor of the Yellow Crane Tower, towering in the snake on top of the crowd to see the bustling. Near the water Jianghan customs, bells ringing a hundred years, included in the vicissitudes of the old century of Wuhan. Even more wonderful is the two banks of the river, the city's heart, natural wonders and urban tacit understanding of the phase, complement each other, turtle snake quiet, wind Qiaoluo, urban ambitious. Of course, by the waves is not a marathon. Rivers and lakes swimming, has always hidden danger. It does not matter, naturally the deep book, we have a page to read slowly. This year, Wuhan Dujiang Festival for the first time to enable the 'black technology', each swimmer will wear 'chip' 'GPS equipment' and 'Bluetooth headset' into winter coats 2017 men's the water, accurate timing, accurate guidance, rescue accuracy, greatly enhance the safety of crossing the river. More than these. Wuhan City a few years ago to amend the 'National Fitness Regulations', will be established as a legal swimming fitness day. Every summer, the government funded, training young students to learn swimming, primary school fourth grade children, but also compulsory swimming credits. Skills are learned, this time in the waves of white bars, why do they all day waves stop flying boat? Yes, foreign swimmers, 'read the river' will be slightly strange. It does not matter, Wuhan has the largest city in the lake lake, still water; another Yangtze River tributary Han River, the flow rate of about 1.5 meters per second. Up the stairs, and ultimately hit the Yangtze River, not to mention, there are so many water-based skilled Wuhan, for you to do a warm guide. Brave, when traveling once. Life is not a tour? Storms, hard struggle, in this concentration. Reminiscent, when the tour of a river, storms in the possession of the password, leading to the great spirit of the world. Dreamer, when the tour of a river, from the shore to the other side, there is no more than this image of the metaphor. The Yangtze River is the world, Wuhan is the world, crossing the river, of course, the world. Life is rare to return a few waves, straightforward Wuhan people waiting for you, hit the water by the waves will sometimes, drunk laugh with thirty thousand field. Reporter Lu Shan film Jingjing

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