southerly 3 to 4; tonight to tomorrow, sunny day, the maximum temperature of 38 ℃, the

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Date sent: 2017/12/05 07:35:24
Wuhan over the past 16 years, the hottest 'big summer' local maximum temperature break 41 ℃ - Trade, global trading platform
Big heat met in the volt, heat superimposed, fire full, Wuhan yesterday spent nearly 16 years to the hottest a 'big summer', the local maximum temperature break 41 ℃. Wuhan yesterday, the first hot this year, 'small summer heat, hot nowhere to hide.' Yesterday, the big summer, Wuhan temperatures above 30 ℃ for more than 20 hours. Located in East and West Lake Ci piumini moncler 2018 Hui farm, on behalf of the Wuhan weather data Wuhan weather station, yesterday afternoon, the highest temperature of 37.1 ℃ or so, hit a new high since this year, and thus became the first hot year in Wuhan this year (the maximum temperature of not less than 37 ℃ days). In the city more than 120 piumino fabrette moncler automatic weather stations, the highest temperature yesterday is Jiangxia Lake Si station, adidas yeezy low the maximum temperature of 41.1 ℃ or so, Jiangxia Shu'an station adidas ultra boost and East Lake Experimental Primary School Station, yesterday, the highest temperature rushed to 40 ℃ ~ 41 ℃. Meteorological science experts snow parkas ladies said that yesterday's Wuhan heat is all-weather, Wuhan station daily average lightweight down jackets women's temperature rushed 33 ℃, winter coats 2017 men's since 2000, the big summer, Wuhan only 2001 that day average temperature higher than yesterday. But the city is now hot than the Shanghai, Hangzhou, the local state-level weather stations have emerged more than 40 ℃ above the high temperature. Wuhan want to cool, with cold air winter coats 2017 and typhoon influence. In these two days, the western adidas boost sale Pacific Ocean has generated two typhoons, one called 'deer', one called 'rose'. Unfortunately, they have no effect on Wuhan, the city will continue to heat now, this three days, the maximum temperature may be the impact of 38 ℃. China's weather network data show that in late July and early August, Wuhan, an average of 4.4 and 3.7 high temperature day, is the hottest year of the year. And now it seems that the city in late July this borsa moncler imbottita year, more than the basic high-temperature year is a foregone conclusion, please do well prepared by the 'tasting' preparation. Big summer in the 'hot' together, 'the red days before, moncler bambino outlet the breeze nowhere to find ... ... inflammation steam is so, that is more sub-yin.' Southern Song Dynasty a few winter coats for girls verses moncler bambino will be described in the hot summer heat most winter coats for women vividly. Refreshing is to be careful. The recent rolling heat moncler milano wave, some people joke: 'life is air to give.' In the air yeezy adidas conditioning has not yet popular era, bamboo bed matricula, ice watermelon, Wuhan is the magic of adidas zx flux womens summer. Tang Bai Juyi poem said, 'heat from the calm, cool students room adidas zx flux uk space', Lin wind window, calm, the heat will naturally subsided, the summer seems to have not so tough. During the summer, please pay attention to spleen dampness, diet to light-based, eat spicy greasy food. More rest in the room to reduce the movement to dormant, resting, spent the bitter summer. In addition, July 15 - 22, Wuhan, the UV index has been 8 consecutive days 4, sunny ferocious, sunscreen essential. Is expected to Wuhan today, sunny day, the maximum temperature of 38 ℃, the minimum temperature of 29 ℃, humidity 40% to 90%, southerly 3 to 4; tonight to tomorrow, sunny day, the maximum temperature of 38 ℃, the minimum temperature of 29 ℃, humidity 40 % ~ 90%, southerly winds 3 to 4; tomorrow evening to day after day sunny day, the maximum temperature of 38 ℃, the minimum temperature of 30 ℃, humidity 40% to 90%, southerly 3 to 4 level. Reporter Fu Ying correspondent Chen Shengchao Li Yuqian

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