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Date sent: 2017/12/05 07:35:15
Wuhan East West Lake high-speed toll station staged 'crab' war - Hubei Daily News Xiangyang channel
Recently, a truck filled with small crabs through winter coats 2017 the Wuhan East and West Lake toll station borsa moncler imbottita parking check, the snow parkas ladies crab collective fled, collectors and the Secretary of the collection of crabs, at the toll station staged A moncler bambino 'capture crab' war. All crabs finished biology 'warehouse'. At 30:30 on December 30, 2016, a blue minivan into the Wuhan East and West Lake toll station green pass road, the driver said the goods pulled winter coats for women for the crab, the charges in accordance with the relevant piumini moncler 2018 provisions of routine inspection. When the driver opened the moncler bambino outlet car lightweight down jackets women's door, because winter coats 2017 men's adidas boost sale the car is winter coats for girls too full, plus moncler milano all the adidas zx flux womens way bumps, part of the crab collective piumino fabrette moncler fled, lane was instantly occupied by the crab legion. The yeezy adidas driver seeing anxious at a loss, began to rush to pick up the crabs. Charges to see this scene, but also take into account the personal safety, immediately closed the lane, and open the spare lane to help the adidas ultra boost driver 'catch' adidas yeezy low escape the crab Legion. Thus, the emergence of the above 'capture crab' war scene. In the tolls adidas zx flux uk and the Secretary of the joint efforts, a total of 'capture' nearly 100 to escape the crab, to the Secretary to recover the economic losses, by the Secretary of the praise. The highway also resumed the past. This is just a lot of fun on the highway in a small episode, reflecting the highway tolls to the true, sincere, warm service to the purpose.

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