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Wuhan East Lake water quality 40 years to the best green road project to promote lake ecological restoration - Trade, global trading platform
(Reporter Jin Xiaohui correspondent Peng adidas zx flux womens Chong) from the inferior V class for the swimming class III, part of the lake to achieve direct drinking class II standard, ten years of East Lake water quality qualitative transformation. 15, East Lake Scenic Area at the symposium on the issue of January 20 to 18 May East Lake State control point of water quality, moncler bambino outlet the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Water Biology East Lake winter coats 2017 Lake Ecosystem Experimental Station Zhang Xiao Lin, senior engineer, said: 'At present, Donghu water quality of 40 years To the best level, in recent years, the East Lake to protect water quality initiatives throughout the city and even within the country have a reference. 'Chinese Academy of Sciences moncler bambino Institute of aquatic life in 1956 began to monitor the East Lake water quality, the data show: the East Lake 50-60 century water Clear, the transparency of more than 2 meters, water quality in the Ⅱ ~ Ⅲ class; 70 years, cyanobacteria blooms frequent, 1975 water quality dropped to V class; 1979 to 1985, water quality maintained at V-class to inferior V ; After 1985, cyanobacteria bloom disappeared, but the water quality is still poor, low transparency, to the beginning of this century has been in the water quality around the class V wandering. Poor V-type water quality is generally not suitable for fish survival. East Lake ecological sewage scenic spot construction (waters) Bureau of the person in charge, nearly 6 years, the East Lake (East Lake), the East Lake ecological tourism scenic spot construction (waters) Scenic area of ​​sewage collection and treatment planning adidas yeezy low layout has been greatly improved, 'Scenic area of ​​sewage pipe network from 15 km to 30 km, sewage pumping station from scratch, the current use of 10, Sewage nearly ten thousand tons, equivalent to the sum of 5,000 daily water consumption. In 2010, according to the 'Wuhan main urban piumino fabrette moncler sewage special plan', east of the East Lake area planning and construction of decentralized sewage treatment station. After investigation and study found that decentralized sewage treatment facilities, the current processing standards far less than the East Lake water class III water quality standards. Commissioned by professional institutions research, investigation, demonstration, the East Lake Scenic Area changed the original plan to achieve the Bayi Road extension line and other sewage pipe network and branch of the building, and now here every day to collect sewage moncler milano about 4,000 tons. East Lake snow parkas ladies Road, East Lake Greenway Project to promote the ecological restoration of the lake With the end of 2015 the thorough passage of the East Lake, the yeezy adidas shuttle in the lake along the road vehicles significantly reduced. Chen Xiaofeng, who lives in Zhuohuo Quan told reporters that in the past want to walk around the lake almost impossible, the car to the car to the exhaust, not safe, 'East Lake channel for the real lake also laid the foundation.' Wuhan Real Estate Group East Lake Greenway Project Manager Xu Yujie introduction, the construction of the East Lake channel to 'take a fill one, the balance of compensation' principle, not much occupied the East Lake water, in the construction process through a variety of ways to clean up the cofferdam silt. It is understood that the construction of the East Lake channel for the East Lake cleared 50 million cubic meters of sludge, the ecological restoration of the lake played a catalytic role. East Lake Green Road, a project on the East Lake water ecological restoration also played a role. Xu Yujie introduced, along the East winter coats for women Lake are vertical along the shore, the rain without purification filter directly into the lake, 'now the entire greenway along borsa moncler imbottita the line, most of the use of soft slope protection of the ecological shore, the rain can be green vegetation, aquatic plants to re-filter, Pollution into the lake, but also enhance the East Lake of the storage function. According to the East Lake Scenic Area Management Committee, the current East Lake Class III water quality coverage piumini moncler 2018 area reached 82% of the lake, but the water environment has not yet stabilized, but also need to continue to optimize. This year will be combined with the East Lake Green Road Phase II construction project, with the construction and construction units do Huize Road, Lake Town Road, Lake Road, nearly 60 km of lake shoreline environmental remediation, lightweight down jackets women's increase along the ecological ditch pond and natural wetland transformation, To promote the restoration and upgrading of winter coats 2017 men's the East Lake ecosystem. Link to the public to protect the city card lake protection into the performance appraisal Donghu eco-tourism scenic area construction (waters) Bureau of the person in charge, before 2012, the East Lake perennial high water level operation, in recent years to urban flood control and drainage as a priority standard, reducing the East Lake water level , Enhance the light intensity of the lake, and promote the growth of aquatic vegetation. It is reported that the current East Lake Guo Zhenghu, Tang Ling Lake and other lakes 'underwater forest' area gradually resume growth, for the East Lake ecological restoration has laid a good foundation. The healthy lake ecosystem is a self-sustaining stable water-based ecosystem, and aquatic plants play an important role in healthy lake ecosystems, which is a senior engineer of the East Lake Lake Ecosystem Experimental Station of the Institute of Aquatic Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 'Class III water quality winter coats for girls is conducive to the growth of aquatic vegetation, later through the sowing of aquatic plant seeds, etc., to increase vegetation coverage, and further optimize the ecosystem.' Detection found that the East Lake aquatic vegetation coverage from the original 3% to 10%. 'Vegetation coverage rate of 30% is ideal, so that the entire East Lake submerged vegetation can be removed each year in the East Lake water about 3 tons of phosphorus content, help to improve water quality.' Zhang Xiao Lin said. Talking about the changes in water quality in adidas ultra boost East Lake in recent years, Wuhan folk environmental protection organization Green River City founder Ke Zhiqiang extremely adidas boost sale mixed, 'past the East Lake adidas zx flux uk is more turbid, in April this year when I once again rowing to Tang Ling Lake, see the lake blue and blue, transparent To enhance. 'Ke Zhiqiang said that in recent years the organization continued to investigate the city of Wuhan, 166 lakes, and the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, personnel along the lake inspection and other ways to monitor the East Lake environment,' once the problem, we will immediately contact the relevant departments, 'According to reports, the current East Lake Scenic Area has formed a government and social protection lake co-supervision of the lake protection mechanism, held annually the region's lake protection conference, and with the district Lake protection responsibility unit signed a lake protection responsibility form, the lake protection into the performance appraisal objectives. Donghu eco-tourism scenic area construction (water) Bureau official said: 'We have set up a leading group of lake protection and management, the main leadership as the total lake long, seven pieces of the main responsible person, the division of labor is responsible for, System. '(Reporter Jin Xiaohui correspondent Peng Chong)

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