Behind the scenes with Ohio State's Chris Holtmann for emotional PK80 experience

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It's Friday, Nov. 24, and Holtmann is preparing for <a href=""></a> the sixth game of his Ohio State career. In a few hours, he's got Stanford. Holtmann is not oh-my-gosh-ing about his Buckeyes in this moment, though.
He's sitting in a multi-room suite that overlooks much of the scenic contrast of Portland's distinct landscape: chic urban streets clash with neo-hipster culture and an abundance of food trucks; hilly, high-forest vistas are backdrop to greater Portland's topography. The Willamette River splits the city into east and west. It's a sensational sight from the 22nd floor of the Hilton Portland Downtown.
Holtmann and his team finished film review earlier, followed by walkthroughs of their offensive sets in a bottom-floor ballroom at the hotel. The first-year Buckeyes coach allowed CBS Sports total access during the PK80 Invitational, college basketball's biggest early-season event over Thanksgiving weekend. But now the 46-year-old Holtmann has brought me up to his suite while he does some more game prep.
As we talk, Holtmann occasionally stops mid-sentence and chirps at the 65-inch television.
Butler's playing.
Those who still wear scorn on their skin have taken to calling him "Boltmann."
Holtmann is lampooned by some Butler fans after he left in the middle of June for one of the best jobs in the sport. Talk truthfully to other college basketball coaches, and you'll find there are few who wouldn't have done what Holtmann did if they were in his position. His Ohio State contract is for eight years and hovers in the range of $3 million annually. But in this era of social media, for a program that had lost four other coaches to higher profile jobs in the 2000s, those numbers don't take away the sting.
The backlash has bothered Holtmann in the months since he left. He tries to avoid checking his Twitter mentions. Someone sent a piercing <a href=""></a> piece of snail mail, shipping him an envelope with a $1 bill inside. As Holtmann peeks at his folder with prep for Stanford, he keeps an eye on Butler's game. He's downing Riesens while watching the Bulldogs play a close one vs. Portland State.

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