Has Marc Staal improved this season?

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In the 2017 Rangers offseason Jeff Gorton bought out Dan Girardi’s contract. With Girardi’s contract off the books the spotlight shifted <a href=""></a> to Marc Staal and his $5.7 million cap hit. To many, it felt like the next scapegoat of the Rangers defense had been selected before the puck dropped on the new season.
It’s also important to point out that Staal received a lot of criticism for his play in the 2017 Playoffs, as a result there some speculation that his days in New York could be numbered. The rumors and criticism clearly reached the ears of the veteran defenseman.
“I got kind of sick of that kind of talk,” Staal told The Post back in October. “I’m not denying that there was a reason for it with the way the season ended for me, but I came into camp determined to let my play do my talking for me.
“It was tough. Of course there are going to be questions with the way we lost in the playoffs. Obviously I needed to be better than the way I played, especially in the Ottawa series. But I never thought I was done.”
Staal entered his 11th season with the Rangers with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. He admitted that all of the negative attention made <a href=""></a> him angry. Through the first quarter of the 2017-18 season Staal has been playing like a man who has something to prove. But has he done enough to cement his future with the Rangers?

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