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Date sent: 2017/11/29 03:14:50
Your spouse/partner has never seen Star Wars
So, you decide to have a movie night <a href=""></a> with them, and you start off by watching the first one (not from real-life release date, but in terms of Episode number) – Episode I: The Phantom Menace.
At the end of the movie, they look over to you and say "I absolutely loved that Jar Jar Binks character! He’s just so funny and eloquent! He was like the best part of the movie!"
What do you do?—canuck89
I appreciate my spouse’s superb knack for satire. Look, I bet there’s a list of people on Earth—short, but it’s there—who think Jar Jar is funny. There ain’t a soul in this galaxy or any other who thinks he’s eloquent.
He is a Sith Lord, though.
What one thing about the Leafs organization, roster, management or play on the ice is really irritating to you? What about the NHL in general just makes you grind your teeth because it’s so obviously dumb and yet….?—KatyaKnappe
For the Leafs: transition play. The Leafs are capable of being damn near the best team in the NHL if they can get better at exiting their own zone and entering the other team’s. But that’s the trick, of course.
The NHL as a whole routinely drives me up a tree, but I’m going to take a freebie: they’re not going to the Olympics this year and it is both dumb and very frustrating. We could have something beautiful and now we won’t.
How does the ting go?
More serious question: After listening to our podcast, Gary Bettman was thoroughly impressed, and decides to give you unilateral power over the NHL for a day. Due to bureaucracy and lawyers, you can only implement three new rules in a day. One must be an in-game rule, one must be a CBA/cap rule, and one must be a totally minuscule rule that you will nonetheless argue has the potential to reshape the league. What are your new rules?—Arvind
In-game: I am increasing the net size. I have wanted this for a long time and I am not passing up an opportunity to implement it. MORE GOALS.
CBA/Cap: The cap is now a luxury tax. Why yes, I do like the idea of 3C John Tavares.
Minuscule rule: Any kicking motion to put the puck in the net is legal as long as the skate blade does not entirely leave the ice in the course of the kick. We’re pretty close to this anyway as the league has liberalized the kick-in rules to the <a href=""></a> point that no one understands them, but I think this would make net-front strategy more interesting. If you’re particularly good with your feet, do you let the d-man tie up your stick and focus on tipping it in with your foot? Will there be weird tripping penalties? Who knows?
And the ting goes skrrrraaaaaa
You are an evil alien parasite, totally not derived from Star Trek TNG, that is able to take over human brains. You manage to commandeer Admiral Quinn Mike Babcock and make adjustments to the below parts of the Leafs’ somewhat flawed game. What tweaks/wholesale changes do you make?

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