Four breakfast foods that can boost your sex drive, according to science

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Many factors can affect sex drive, including <a href=""></a> relationship issues, stress or tiredness.
Diet too can have a direct effect on the hormones which drive whether you're in the mood for intimacy.
According to a nutritionist, you can give your libido a boost by choosing the right foods for breakfast and ensuring they're packed with vitamin D.
Studies show that as a nation we are chronically deficient in this nutrient – which can cause low oestrogen in women and reduced testosterone in men.
It’s estimated that a staggering one in five adults do not have adequate levels of 'the sunshine vitamin'.
Rob Hobson, head of London-based Healthspan <a href=""></a> Nutrition, recommends eating mushrooms, fortified breakfast cereals, mackerel and eggs for breakfast to help boost vitamin D levels.
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