Ranking the Best Sophomores in the 2017-18 NHL Season

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Date sent: 2017/11/25 07:13:48
For the top NHL rookies in any season, <a href=""></a> there is considerable pressure to follow up with strong sophomore campaigns. It's no different for last season's class, which includes such notables as Toronto Maple Leafs forwards Auston Matthews and William Nylander.
Both reflect the realities facing promising young stars in their second seasons. Some, such as Matthews, have picked up where they left off. Nylander, like several others, is having a tougher time matching last season's efforts. Then there are those who have improved, such as Detroit Red Wings right wing Anthony Mantha.
The following is a ranking of the best NHL sophomores thus far in 2017-18. Their statistics, performance and value to their respective clubs factored into this compilation. You can express your <a href=""></a> opinion on this topic in the comments section below.

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