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Attributes Of First Reader Books Attributes Of First Reader Books January 5 Wholesale Jerseys , 2014 | Author: Eugenia Dickerson | Posted in Education
One of the most important life gifts an individual can be given is that of literacy. Those who are exposed to it at an early age tend to have better vocabulary, conversation and comprehension skills than those who are not. First reader books are designed to stimulate very young minds, teaching them to understand the concepts of sentences, words and letters on the most basic levels.

Children do not approach reading in the same way as adults. The average child below the age of eight, is not really interested in complex story lines or in learning a moral lesson, so it is important that a book intended for this age group cater to the things they are care about. They will become far more invested in a likable character than in an intricate plot.

Successful story lines will be about things kids understand and that they do not have to concentrate on to follow. Finding the balance between being engaging enough to keep their interest and simple enough for them to comprehend is important. After a certain amount of time children tend to become bored, and if they have to work too hard to figure out the words, they will just stop trying.

Books in this genre tend to focus on using age appropriate sight recognition words and short, phonetically easy ones to comprise the small sentences that generally are repeated multiple times throughout the tale. The sentences are usually accompanied by an illustration that demonstrates what the words are conveying. This association of word and picture help children understand the relationship between the two.

With the developing mind Cheap Football Jerseys China Wholesale , repetition is a key learning technique that has a very high success rate. The more often they see and say the same combination of letters and sounds, the more easily the child can retain that association and use it in future endeavors. This formula is often used in conjunction with rhyming.

Rhyming is a technique that makes learning to read a lot of fun for children. It is almost like singing and they enjoy the frequent repetition of familiar sounds in a single story. It is a great way to build their vocabulary and teach them to create new words by changing the beginning letter and turning it into a game.

There are several steps in the development of reading skills. It begins with someone reading aloud while the child follows the words on the page, eventually learning and recognizing which letters go with what sound, or even picking up whole words on sight. They eventually start to figure out phonetics and working to read for themselves, requesting to only be given assistance on tough or unfamiliar combinations.

First reader books help children progress from gleaning a story through the use of pictures, to associating those pictures with the words that represent them. The plots are generally quite childlike, simple and short so that they will be able to retain the child’s attention through the ending. Repetition and rhyming are some of the more common techniques used to keep the sentence flow interesting.

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