Could Alabama or LSU alumni form a 'super team' in the NFL?

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Date sent: 2017/11/15 04:55:01
Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Jalen Mills <a href=""></a> said the current pro alumni of his alma mater, LSU, would "be a super team in the NFL" if brought together on one club.
Mills said on NFL Network's "Good Morning Football" that he calls LSU "NFLSU" because of all the pro football players coming out of Baton Rouge.
Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry was asked on a later program to give an Alabama response. The 2015 Heisman Trophy winner had no desire to compare alumni, but said of his alma mater: "I feel like we're a factory to the NFL. We run everything at Alabama just like the NFL, so when you get to the NFL, it's nothing new. It's everything that you learned at Alabama that they all prepared you for, and we have guys in the league that make a lot of plays that look like they have been in the NFL for a while when they get here."
Alabama has 38 players and LSU has 37 on current NFL active rosters. LSU has 11 players on practice squads and the various reserve lists, and Alabama has nine. Since an NFL team can use only 46 players in a game, each school would have enough alumni for a full squad if all its players were eligible.
But could either team fill out a team with its alumni on current NFL rosters, let alone form a super team?
If they had to play only defense, the answer <a href=""></a> would be yes. But LSU has a big hole on offense -- no quarterback. Alabama could fill all the positions, but its lack of specialists means the Crimson Tide always would go for it on fourth down.
Here's a position-by-position breakdown of the players from Alabama and LSU on current NFL rosters:

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