second, need to find the current and past

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Unexplained fatigue means a psychological problem
The young people who are crushed by the job often put the 'tired people' in the mouth, was housework wrapped around the young mother often complained busy 'feet', people who are smoking will feel ' Can not afford the spirit '... everyone has ugg accessoires hiver their own way to express the feeling of fatigue, however, is there only a kind of fatigue? Are different people feeling tired of the same thing? Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2011 To some extent, we may think that the word 'fatigue' is a concept of flexibility, and in fact, not long ago, psychologists specifically for it to launch a dictionary, to open a variety of Form of 'fatigue'. Will be 'fatigue' on the desktop to carry out research, can be said to be a very refreshing thing, especially in today's people always blindly trying to exclude all burnout, weak and powerless era. In many cases, people's fatigue comes from the purpose of a clear and sustained effort, nike pas cher femme which is usually considered 'good fatigue'; and in contrast, there is a called 'chronic fatigue' symptoms, it will make people change Too narrow, stingy, tolerance decreased. People with 'chronic fatigue' have at least three of these symptoms: first, have a strong, new or have a clear start time of fatigue, and lasted more than 6 months, this fatigue is not increased by the additional Femme New Balance 574 Daim/Mesh Chaussures Bleu Marine/Lilas Violet/Blanc sustained Work and labor, and through the rest and reduce social activities can not be improved; Nike Shox Turbo II Men the second is the energy after the feeling of discomfort; third is unable to recover through the physical strength Kids UGG Bailey Button 5991 Chestnut Boots of sleep. According to the National Institute of Medicine, 'chronic fatigue' patients will appear at least one of the following two manifestations: cognitive decline, unable to maintain standing. Sleep disorders are the primary cause of daytime fatigue 1% to 3% of people will be specifically because of fatigue problems go to the hospital. 'We first try to figure out whether the patient is experiencing any particular thing that consumes his energy and strength,' explains Dr. Alan Otter, a neurologist, who explained that ' And then we have to consider whether this person has the problem of insomnia or lethargy, because sleep disorders are the Nike Free Run Kids leading cause of daytime fatigue, then we will from the endocrine disorders, thyroid disorders, neurological or neuromuscular pathology point of view ... ... If these problems Can not be diagnosed, then we will carefully check New Balance 574 Daim/Mesh Souliers De Course Pour Femme Menthe Noir Blanche Vert whether it is depression, but depression caused by fatigue is often accompanied by avoidance, sadness, delay, Air Max 95 360 difficult to put other emotions and other symptoms. 'Alone study fatigue itself is very difficult. In order to better analyze it, perhaps it should refer to something contrary to it - energy. As with fatigue, energy ugg pas cher bottes is also an undefined word, because it is also in the physical and psychological boundaries. For the chaussures louboutin pas cher psychology industry, the energy is the famous 'force more than', that is, Freud's proposed sexuality, Freud as it is all nike shoes outlet human mental activity and physical behavior of the power source, is Sexual instinctive impulse. When this instinctive power is suppressed, human survival will be hampered. On this issue, Jung and Floyd are very different, as the French psychoanalyst Wei Weian Di Baodi pointed out that, for the Jung school, 'more than force' is more 'human The energy in the process of life, and in the form of vision and desire to be subjective perception. 'How can we get rid of the plight of fatigue In addition,' more than force 'is also ugg chaussures homme reflected cheap ugg boots online in the desire to create, the desire to work and build life The desire. In a series of his writings, Jung has Nike Air Max Mens elaborated on this concept in order to better explain louboutin homme solde the problems of neurosis patients. 'For louboutin dorothy pas cher Jung, the whole life of mankind is an energy problem, so the balance arises from the affordable pressure between the two opposite things, and if the side is too much energy, The other side of the damage - such as the workplace and emotional Kids UGG Bailey Button 5991 Black Boots life. For psychologists as well, if my existence is completely in the 'thinking' dimension of the operation, then the 'emotional' dimension will produce defects. 'Therefore, can not explain Fatigue may mean that there is no psychological problem to solve; for their own perfectionism or in order to strictly follow the norms and trapped in the fatigue of the dead end; after a trauma or sorrow, fatigue, 'stay in place' ; By the parents, partners, colleagues, the impact; or because of the burden of others burden ... ... all the reasons will lead to a person's energy is emptied, even if he has a healthy life. How can we get rid of the plight of fatigue? For Alan Oteli, there are three ways to get people to 'regain their vitality.' He said: 'The first is to accept this pathology, patients need to understand that fatigue is the body in the expression of uncomfortable, others should also accept this person in a sense is 'sick'; second, need to find the current and past The source of stress, so that they become 'their own energy detective', become the source of their energy; Finally, we must believe that we can re-organize their own lives, find happiness. 'How to defeat fatigue, this is probably a let people never tired topic. (Summer gold)

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