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No worries three sand together to build dream Bihai coconut wind support heart _
The evening of July 3, sunset gradually inclined, in the southern tip of the motherland of the three sand city Yongxing school, The fourth batch of seven teaching teachers successfully completed a semester of teaching tasks, is about to return to Wenchang 'three sand Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2011 1' traffic supply ship. 29-year-old language teacher Wang Tong, my mind constantly emerge out of the Nike Free Run Kids four months of the screen, 'the children sometimes sell Meng, sometimes shameless, sometimes bargain to candy, and sometimes deliberately and my mischievous joke.' Yongxing Island, Is the largest island of Xisha Islands, three sand city government resident. December 2015, the island's only school - Yongxing school officially began to enroll, from the end of the three sand no school history. From the Qinggang port of Hainan Wenchang to Xisha Yongxing Island, from 344 km, boat 13 hours. More than a year, there have been four batches of more than 30 young support volunteers through the 'relay' approach for the children of the southernmost school of China sent knowledge and love. 'The warm sunset slowly subsided, familiar with the city speed back.' Yongxing Island due to high temperature, high humidity, high salt, high radiation special climatic conditions, Yongxing school to take 'support' in the form of a teacher rotation once. Principals Li Zanzong introduced, teaching teachers are mostly from the Jintai Teachers College and Jintai Teachers College affiliated kindergarten, as well as Haikou City Board of Education selected excellent teachers. Before the Yongxing school, Wang Tong's impression of the three sand has been stuck in the primary school language textbook 'rich Xisha Islands', 'I clearly remember, the illustrations are colorful seawater, dense woods habitat with a variety of sea bird'. Childhood longing, so that Wang Tong did not hesitate to report the name. Wang Tong from Shaanxi Hanzhong, out-and-out northerners. After graduating from Hainan Normal University, he has been teaching at the Chinese Department of Jiongtai Teachers College. For his arrival, Li Zongzong said that this is 'university teacher to teach primary school students.' The father who was far away in his hometown heard him support the news of the three sand, while worrying about the living conditions of the island, on the one hand and firmly encouraged him: 'This is a rare experience in life, go, offer meager strength.' And Wang Tong, as the fourth group of volunteers to visit Yongxing Island, as well as Joan Tai Teachers College kindergarten teacher Li Xiu Huan. This year is the seventh year of her work in early childhood education, but also the first year after her marriage. For the decision to support education, parents and newlyweds to give the greatest support. 'Now there is no baby, energy, enough to experience the island.' Li Xiu Huan said. February 17 this year at 6 pm, Wang Tong boat from Qing Lan Hong Kong, the first time to Yongxing Island. When the night fell, the endless sea of ​​water from blue to blue, he made a poem in the circle of friends: 'This nike pas cher femme is the sea of ​​6.33, the warm sunset slowly sink; this is six 'After a year and a half of the development, Yongxing school students have been from the initial 6 years of experience, Name, increased to the present 32, including kindergarten 24, 8 students. Primary school only three grades: first grade 5, second grade 2, Nike Shox Turbo II Men fifth grade 1 person. 'Students scattered age, the uneven distribution of the number of teachers is a great challenge,' Wang Tong first arrived in the sand, they felt the difficulty of teaching. Li Xiu Huan and the other two female teachers Sun Xuedan, Huang Xiaofang responsible for the teaching of kindergarten. As a result of teacher restrictions, 24 children were compiled into a 'mixed class'. From the smallest 2 years old to the largest 6 years old, class teaching, which is their work in Haikou never encountered before. How in such a large class for every age group of children 'individualized' to become in lie Femme New Balance 574 Daim/Mesh Chaussures Bleu Marine/Lilas Violet/Blanc with the three young teachers in front of the problem. 'We re-set the course, to carry out group teaching, regional autonomy games, collective games and other forms, while encouraging older children to take care of smaller children, to develop their sense of responsibility.' ugg chaussures homme Li Xiuhuan and colleagues gradually worked out a set of teaching experience The 'Age class' in the youngest child Zheng Xiangyu, came to kindergarten just two years and three months. Li Xiuhuan lead a little bigger children take the initiative to take care of him, the children in the unconsciously learned to love. In the area of ​​only 2.13 square kilometers of Yongxing Island, Li Xiuhuan often feel that 'the children are particularly eager to the outside world.' While teaching the knowledge at the same time, she tried to use a variety of vivid ways to help them broaden their horizons. 'Three sand is located in the tropics, their understanding of the season is an obstacle.Once I talked about snow, on the white paper in advance to tear a small piece, and then sprinkled from the height, so that they understand the next Whenever this time, the child will be excited to spin, screaming. 'You know seven even the island? I tell you to listen to.' Wang Tong to ugg pas cher bottes school soon after, was immediately entrusted with the task. Chinese language and literature professional science class background, he served as second and fifth grade language teaching, but also responsible for the entire school art class, and served as school librarian, distance teaching docking people. In Yongxing school, every teacher needs to have multiple roles. When we saw Wang Tong, he was leading eight primary school students to carry out remote synchronized music classroom. In order to let the children on the island and the provincial capital to enjoy the same quality of teaching, information education is also the three sand to take root. Through the remote system, Yongxing School and Haikou City, the ninth primary school established New Balance 574 Daim/Mesh Souliers De Course Pour Femme Menthe Noir Blanche Vert a synchronous classroom. Through the screen, hundreds of kilometers away from the children singing the same song, doing the same dance action. At present, there have been open distance mathematics, language drawing, Guoxue recitation, music four classes, the two children have long been familiar with each other, frequent exchanges and interaction. Compared to kindergartens, primary school students, although the number of small, but across three grades, the degree of learning is completely different. And primary school knowledge from shallow to deep, step by step characteristics, but also requires teachers to support the traditional teaching rhythm must follow. As a result, Yongxing school according to local conditions, the use of 'double teaching mode.' 'For example, 40 minutes of language classes, 15 minutes to the second grade class, fifth grade students review homework; and then part of the time to teach fifth grade courses, so take turns.' Kids UGG Bailey Button 5991 Black Boots President Li Zongzong said. Wang Tong also believes that this is the most suitable island children's teaching methods, 'if the fifth grade to a student class, there is no atmosphere of the classroom, but also the lack of interaction between students.' Although the shortage of teachers, but Yongxing school facilities and facilities are comparable with the provincial capital schools. 7924 square meters of the campus wide and flat, the total height of the teaching building four, two local, library, electronic reading room, multi-functional lecture hall readily available. Surrounded by the ocean school, there are unique advantages. Yongxing School won the title of 'National Marine Awareness Education Base', 'Three Sand Submarine Biology Atlas' and other three marine school-based courses are in full swing. Talked about the sea, the first grade children tilted his head very seriously told reporters: 'You know seven even the island? I tell you to listen to.' 'Island children, also have their own mind.' Yongxing school students , Mostly for the island fishermen, three sand city government staff and louboutin dorothy pas cher children in the island officers and men. Before the establishment of the school, they are mostly away from their parents to go to school outside the school, or follow the elderly to stay at home, as left behind children. After the school began to enroll, 'small migratory birds' have to fly back, to achieve the 'father and mother meet every day,' the dream. 'The children on the island skin dark, eyes bright, flashing luster. They seem to have infinite energy, but sometimes naughty naughty really let our teachers can not stand.' Support for four months, Wang Tong has been through every child The temper. As a result of living on the island, the children's character as the sea as free and easy, free. But in the classroom, to maintain a serious class order must require every child to comply with discipline. 'Imparting knowledge is important, but here the child 'Saazi' used to, need to cultivate good learning habits.' cheap ugg boots online Wang Tong said. Li Xiuhuan also have the same experience, the face of 24 different age children, she from the most basic 'courtesy' speak, a little regulate their behavior. After a period of Nike Air Max Mens time, the parents were very pleasantly surprised to the principal, said Li Zongzong: 'Wherever you nike shoes outlet go, the child will milk to the gentle greeting!' 'On the island's diary, we see such a story -' Feng Yao and Feng Bin are two brothers, every day after school, they always quietly go home One day, I finally could not help but call my brother Feng Yao asked the reason, did not think his answer is: we have no playmate. 'Wang Tong suddenly realized that when the child is a child should play in the play , But the island's children had less, and the two brothers are similar age is not, they lack the partners can be confused. Since then, Wang Tong and colleagues in the class outside, and students exchange of life, common game, together to see cartoons. Yongxing school teacher dormitory, you can often see Kids UGG Bailey Button 5991 Chestnut Boots the child shuttle figure, came the laughter. 'There is no moment, more love than our country at the moment.' As with every inland school, every Monday morning, Yongxing school will be held solemn flag-raising ceremony. 3 small national flag hand guarding the flag, 8 teachers and the rest of the students facing the flag of the establishment of the Young Pioneers team line ceremony, the common attention of the five red star rose slowly. From small to large, flag-raising ceremony has gone through numerous times, but whenever the majestic national anthem played in Yongxing Island, Li Xiuhuan still could not help but surging: 'no moment, more love than our country at home.' During Air Max 95 360 the education period, teachers have repeatedly led the students to Yongxing Island sovereignty before the monument, about the history and story louboutin homme solde of the South China Sea. 'Sovereign three sand, beautiful three sand, happy sand' has been rooted in every young mind. Originally thought that the long support of life, in the South China Sea sun and moon stars in the alternating fleeting. 'When you first came to feel very tough, the island's food alone, basically only Dun Dun in the cafeteria to eat, the climate is not suited to the night chaussures louboutin pas cher often insomnia,' Wang Tong said with a ugg accessoires hiver smile, 'Here, eat a hot pot are Out of the way. 'June 30, Yongxing school holiday days, but also the fourth batch of teachers and students to bid farewell to the day. In the last class, Wang Tong gave a gift to every child in the elementary school: a photo album made from a semester. 'Hope that these growth footprints can be used as a memorial to their childhood.' Facing parting, he reluctantly. In the Yongxing school on the floor of the wish wall, covered with teachers to write the message to the school. One of the teachers wrote: 'There is a feeling, called dream three sand.' Parting before, Wang Tong in a hurry to forget the message on the wall, full of regret. Sunset day, return to the 'three sand 1' cleave wave cut forward, Yongxing Island farther and farther. He opened the diary to write: 'Bibo Wanzhu, the book sound Lang Lang, the future can be expected.'

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