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Unlicensed unlicensed speed fast island road beach car ban ten years still rampant - News News News
Unlicensed unlicensed speed fast Huandao Road ATV decade ban still rampant 2013-07-02 15:42 Source: Network a comment Xiamen Xiamen Evening News 'Humming humming ......' crowds on the Nike Free Run Kids beach, A beach car is rampant, New Balance 574 Daim/Mesh Souliers De Course Pour Femme Menthe Noir Blanche Vert so thrilling Nike Shox Turbo II Men scenes are often seen on the beach along louboutin [url=]Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2011 dorothy pas cher[/url] the island road. Beach car without a license, the speed is fast but no whistle speaker, in the crowd gathered in the coastal beach is a major security risk, the city has repeatedly occurred in the beach car accident. Beach car in the city nike shoes outlet for more than a decade more than repeated prohibition, long management, illegal low cost is the main reason. Recently, Siming District has decided to Femme New Balance 574 Daim/Mesh Chaussures Bleu Marine/Lilas Violet/Blanc coordinate the multi-sector to increase the intensity of the beach car. A car can be soared to 70 km / h drivers are dangerous people on Thursday afternoon, the reporter came to the coconut wind beach, the scene just docked two ATV, the boss Coushang to sell, said: '100 yuan can play 15 minutes. 'The reporter asked how so expensive, the boss said that because the beach car without a license without a license, and the new provisions of the gas station, the tube was too strict, no way to refuel, from their own cars inside the oil out plus. After some bargaining, the boss agreed to play 50 yuan 10 minutes. On the train, the reporter specifically asked what matters, the boss is not saying: 'What is good to note that the biggest advantage of my car is how to open will not roll, you just a good steering nike pas cher femme wheel on the line, Air Max 95 360 right foot throttle, left foot Kids UGG Bailey Button 5991 Black Boots Brake. 'Reporters on the car, the boss did not remind the Department of seat belts, said Kids UGG Bailey Button 5991 Chestnut Boots it would be easy to soared to 70 km per hour. Reporters kicked the throttle, the car soon soared up. ugg [url=]Nike [url=]ugg chaussures homme Air Max Mens[/url] pas cher bottes[/url] Because the ATV chassis is low, with the sea breeze, the wheels brought from the sand blowing from time to time from time to time. Along the road is not good, the height of the beach ups and downs, seeing ugg accessoires hiver there is a big pit in front, but also a good time to stop the car, once hit, the consequences could be disastrous. At this time a lot of tourists on the beach, another woman driving the beach car crooked forward, almost hit the little girl flying kite, attracted the girl parents cursed. B beach car scare tourists accidentally see the tourists on the beach most of the views of the beach car, the public Miss Su said a lot of tourists on the beach, open the car and do not need a driver's license, if you do not understand driving people ride up, In the crowd rampage sooner or later to trouble. Mr. Wang believes that the beach has always been to play places to play the tourists, such as ATV is like a car on the sidewalk chaos, even more frightening is that the ATV has no horn, the greater the threat to tourists. A city louboutin homme solde management law enforcement team found in daily observation, beach car back and forth rolling is easy to damage the beach, causing the sand to the sea loss. Reporters access to information found that the city's beach car accident is still cheap ugg boots online a lot, as early as 2003, there is a beach car from a four-year-old girl who ran over. August 2007, the chaussures louboutin pas cher newspaper has reported that the public driving beach motorcycle rollover, a foreign tourists dodge less than the vehicle was injured. [1] [2] next page last page

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