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Unbiased no party wilderness - Politics observation - southeast net
On January 18, 2017, President Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva entitled 'Building a Humanity Together', 'Chairman of the People 's Republic of China' at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva on January 18, 2017, 'The law of life is also fair and just, countries and international judiciary should ensure that international law is equally applicable, can not engage in double standards, can not be used, There is no party, Wang Daolang '. cheap ugg boots online '' No side without party, Wang Daolang New Balance 574 Daim/Mesh Souliers De Course Pour Femme Menthe Noir Blanche Vert 'language out of Confucian classics' Shangshu Hong Fan ':' unbiased no Pei, according to the king of justice; no Nike Air Max Mens good, No evil, by the king of the road. No side without party, mausoleous; no party unbiased, Wang Daoping level; no anti-no side, will be extremely positive. After the release of King Zhou from the cell, in the answer to Zhou Wu Wang how to follow the days of the world's counseling published by the Zhuo see: for the politicians should be impartial, not biased and Pei song, follow the first Wang justice line; Privilege or miserable evil People follow the first king of the right way; no chaos nike pas cher femme for the private or punished good people, follow the first king of the road and the Air Max 95 360 line. There is no favoritism, the king of Nike Free Run Kids the road will be orderly; no service is capricious, the king of the road will be upright and smooth. King of the people have their own criteria; people also have their own principles. In summary, the 'king' is the king of the line by the large and Kids UGG Bailey Button 5991 Chestnut Boots medium-sized, 'no side no party', the world benevolent 'to Germany to the Road.' Achievements 'king', should 'law king'. Confucius in the view of 'politics by five Bo, princes incursions, obscenity, thieves Tsui usurong' and 'Spring and Autumn', 'Ming Wang Road', 'ancestral Yao and Shun, charity' to follow the example of the ancient king of the road as their responsibility , Advocate 'moderation' to Germany, 'boast and not to fight, group and not party', to build Wang Daoren learn, seek 'the world for the public' 'world benevolent' Datong prosperity. The face Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2011 of 'fight to war, killing Yingye; fight the city to war, kill the city' 'parents frozen hungry, brother wife discrete' brutal reality, feel 'the king of not' 'people haggard in the abuse of government' Mencius 'must say Yao and Shun', called for the reunification of the world, to eliminate the tyranny of the virtuous generation as soon as possible; advocate for the priest who will keep the 'rules' and 'law Yao Shun', for the king should follow the example of Yao Jun Can not be detrimental to the people; for the minister who should be Jun Jun to respect, follow the example of Shun Road. Achievements 'king', will be Kids UGG Bailey Button 5991 Black Boots 'moral and benevolent', so that people happy and sincere service. Confucian 'law king' by the implementation of the 'unbiased without party' of the 'king', is different from the righteousness and deviation from justice 'overbearing.' In Mencius's view, 'the virtues of benevolence and benevolence', and by virtue of morality, and benevolence and righteousness, the kingdom of the world is called 'king', and it is the case that the king is so, that the people will be convinced, as the disciples of Confucius believe in Confucius; Force the righteous man tyrants, 'relying on the use louboutin dorothy pas cher of force in the name of justice and unity of the world called' tyrants ', by force to obey, not really obey, but the strength is not enough to compete. Achievement 'king', will 'line benevolence', Xinghua. Mencius advocated follow the example of the king and 'can not bear the heart of the line can not bear the people of the government', convinced that 'line benevolence and the king, Mo can be Royal', if the implementation of benevolence to unify the world, no one can stop. Line of 'benevolent' is the starting point to solve the livelihood of the people: 'health is not regret, Wang Daoqi also', so that students have to support, died buried, leaving no regrets; line 'Wang Da' fundamental ugg accessoires hiver policy is to set up education, In Nike Shox Turbo II Men the filial piety, the people of food and clothing worry: 'I would like to order the teachings, apply to the filial piety of justice, the white who do not wear on the nike shoes outlet road carry on the old man clothes and meat, Li people are not hungry, but not the king, not the There is also. 'Achievements' Femme New Balance 574 Daim/Mesh Chaussures Bleu Marine/Lilas Violet/Blanc King Road ', will be based on human feelings, justice and morality. 'The new order of good plan,' said: 'Wang Tao, such as louboutin homme solde love, almost human rites.' Based on the people, take into account human feelings, and not indulge in human feelings, will be controlled by the ritual; to justice can not exceed the limits of human , Otherwise it will make people produce diaphragm, and then deviate from Wangdao politics. Will be a combination of human and rituals, is the line of the road. Achievements 'king', to be coordinated ceremony, music, politics, the relationship between the four parties without partial waste. This is the 'Book of Rites in mind,' the so-called: 'etiquette of the people, music and the people of the sound, the government to line, to prevent it, ritual and criminal politics, four ugg chaussures homme up without fear, The use of 'law' to carry out political affairs, with the 'criminal law' to prevent success, ritual, music, politics, criminals and the four interaction without conflict, Well, 'kingdom' politics is complete. Achievements 'king', will 'public' must 'positive' must 'honest'. 'Lu's Spring and Autumn Gui Gong,' said: 'The king of the world also, the first public.' The world is flat. 'Song Ruoxing Ming said:' have the righteousness, the people of the people, Yao, Shun Road also; Its selfishness, according to the righteousness of the side of the right, who also ... ... it is sincerity and Wang Wang Wang Wang, while the hegemony of the tyrants carry on. 'Wang Pa of the king in the' heart is ', Fengtian justice, pregnant To be sincere heart; Pa people with their selfishness, and from the righteousness, will be unfair. In the 21st century, mankind is committed to establishing a just and rational new international order and building a human destiny community. 'China', 'the world for the public', 'the world benevolent' 'Concorde' values, 'the people of the traditional culture and wisdom of the treasure' 'The cultivation of the body and the' peace of mind ', will be to crack the human face of utilitarian favoritism, greed, moral anomie, a just crisis And to provide theoretical support for the construction of 'the United States and the United States and the United States' of the human fate community and provide ugg pas cher bottes moral support for the 'hegemony' behavior and provide theoretical support for the construction of 'beauty and the chaussures louboutin pas cher United States' of the human fate community to provide moral support. (Author of the Department of National Education Administration Professor, China Confucius Institute Ni Shan scholar)

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