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No one convenience store to go to 'virtual fire' - People's livelihood on the road
2017-07-17 17: 03: 36.0 Sun Renpeng no one convenience store need ugg chaussures homme to 'virtual fire' convenience store virtual fire 216996 Kids UGG Bailey Button 5991 Black Boots people's livelihood enlightenment / enpproperty -> July ugg pas cher bottes 10, just opened a few days in Shanghai, the first no one convenience store ' Fruit box 'declared outage. So that everyone is surprised that it is due to New Balance 574 Daim/Mesh Souliers De Course Pour Femme Menthe Noir Blanche Vert high temperature caused by heat closed. Recently, no one convenience store capital heat is getting higher and higher, following the Auchan, after the big hair, Wal-Mart also launched a self-service grocery store, Beijing actually home is not Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2011 far behind playing a 'cross-border.' The wave of unplanned shops is roaring. louboutin homme solde However, no one convenience store to really 'fire' up, you have to go to 'virtual Nike Free Run Kids fire'. No convenience store, as ugg accessoires hiver the name suggests is nike shoes outlet no convenience store staff, consumers shopping independently. When you go out, the store will automatically deduct the relevant charges from the bank card. This 'fresh' smart high-tech natural investors have sought after, a few days ago, a no one convenience store announced the completion of A round series of financing, financing more than 100 million yuan. louboutin dorothy pas cher However, no one seems to be popular behind the store is hidden. First of all, no one convenience store has design flaws. To close the box recently, for example, convenience store even with air conditioning, the internal temperature has reached 40 ℃, selling chocolate and frosting have melted. Under such conditions, how can we ensure the quality of food safety? Second, there is no technical convenience loopholes. Experienced people have said that the taste box out of the detection area of ​​the identification of poor function, can not accurately identify the Nike Shox Turbo II Men unpaid goods, is not conducive to security; Yi food box if Air Max 95 360 the customer chaussures louboutin pas cher before the payment of the selected nike pas cher femme goods, you must The goods on the shelves, empty the collection area on the detection area to leave; Amazon no one convenience store in the store more than Nike Air Max Mens 20 or customers to take goods Kids UGG Bailey Button 5991 Chestnut Boots on Femme New Balance 574 Daim/Mesh Chaussures Bleu Marine/Lilas Violet/Blanc a specific commodity shelf too fast, the tracking device can not accurately identify, Still rely on artificial help. Finally, it involves the consumption habits and other issues. Change the habit of consumption is not a day of power. Unnecessary convenience store site to be close to the community, the old three generations can be used. But in fact, the elderly generally do not spend in the shop. In addition, no one convenience store pre-development, post-maintenance is a small sum of money, whether it is greater than the output is still unknown. People have reason to worry that, in accordance with the past, the capital market herd 'habit', it is likely that there will be a popular concept of speculation, set off a bubble and then coax, in fact, did not form an industry, as this blindly open and hurried Shop the same as the fruit box. No one convenience store to really 'fire' up, more than a few 'Kan children' is necessary to face. To solve these problems, it cheap ugg boots online may give consumers a good user experience, to bring considerable benefits to investors, to the development of the industry to bring good prospects for development. If no one convenience store is only the concept of speculation, but the capital and the media blindly sought after gimmicks, then 'virtual fire' sooner or later will go out, the real 'no convenience store' on the distant.

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