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No one supermarket debut, do you feel the pressure of employment? - People's livelihood on the road
2017-07-13 10: 44: 23.0 Wudi unattended supermarket debut, do you feel the pressure of employment? Employment pressure supermarket cashier 216996 people's livelihood / enpproperty -> [a variety of machine substitutions, technology substitutions of the experiment and reality, although the promotion will take time, but also a step by step drive or forcing workers , To enhance the professional skills and quality. For some workers, has come to the future career planning 'crossroads', if you do not understand 'poor change, change through', is likely to be eliminated. According to the Xinhua News Agency reported on July 11, no cashier, no long queue, 'take' something can go no one supermarket recently appeared in Hangzhou. This has a full sense of science and technology, the integration of a variety of cutting-edge technology and 'understanding' of the retail store, showing the 'Internet +' on the development of the retail industry boost. However, many people worry that traditional retail stores will be hit, the traditional supermarket practitioners will face the risk of unemployment, if this technology to promote the future, such as tickets and other charges will encounter great challenges. Unmanned supermarkets are artificial Kids [url=]Kids UGG Bailey Button 5991 Chestnut Boots UGG Bailey Button 5991 Black Boots[/url] intelligence into the ordinary life of another initiative, and unmanned vehicles, sweeping robots, etc., gradually change or about to change people's lifestyles, spending habits, and even Nike Free Run Kids the whole industry will bring change and subversion. louboutin dorothy pas cher The more perfect artificial nike shoes outlet intelligence, the wider coverage, life will be more convenient, the higher the efficiency will be. However, as people worry about the emergence of artificial intelligence is also inevitable to ugg accessoires hiver the relevant industries, professional workers to bring some 'survival crisis.' This is not unfounded, according to statistics, the cost of industrial robots is only 23% of the manual, and a report is expected over the next five years, the robot will lead to millions of people worldwide unemployed. Must face up to the robot, new technology, new equipment in some industries, the field instead of New Balance 574 Daim/Mesh Souliers De Course Pour Femme Menthe Noir Blanche Vert ordinary louboutin homme solde workers has become a trend, a large number of industrial robots to replace the assembly line workers and other phenomena will be more and more. Recently, several companies have announced the opening or about to open unattended supermarket projects, many investment institutions also unmanned supermarket as the next outlet. In the next few Nike Shox Turbo II Men years, robots will replace more and more jobs in automation and electronics industries, particularly in East Femme New Balance 574 Daim/Mesh Chaussures Bleu Marine/Lilas Violet/Blanc Asia, according to a new study by the Financial Times. Global industrial robot sales will grow by 46% by 2018, which will make a lot of changes in the manufacturing sector. Robot and the large-scale application of automation, is the enterprise to deal with the new total labor force reduction, rising labor costs and other self-help a measure. The impact is not only about efficiency and efficiency, but also about industrial Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2011 development. Another point of view, now, the development of artificial intelligence and promote a more direct impact is that on the one hand, part of the workers formed a risk of unemployment and a sense of crisis, such as the end of last year, Foxconn deployed more than 40,000 robots to replace manpower, with Correspondingly, the relevant factory layoffs of tens of thousands of people; on the other hand the relevant industries, labor market and pattern to bring changes, such as reports, in the automotive and other transportation equipment, computers and electrical and electronic products have achieved the vast majority Automation of the manufacturing sector, about 85% of the work can be done by the robot. Today, the 'machine' has begun to replace the operation of more complex and diverse supermarket cashier. After a few years, will your job be replaced by a robot? How can we make Air Max 95 360 sure that you are not being eliminated? Now a lot of laborers are afraid to think cheap ugg boots [url=]Nike Air Max Mens online[/url] about similar problems. A variety nike pas cher femme of machine substitutions, technology substitutions of the experiment and reality, although the promotion also takes time, but also a step by step or forced workers, to enhance the professional skills and quality. For some workers, has come to the future career planning 'crossroads', if you do not understand 'poor change, change through', is likely to be eliminated. At the national level, the top-level design to improve the skills and ugg chaussures homme quality of workers ugg pas cher bottes is being implemented. Some time ago, the CPC Central Committee and State Council issued the 'new era of industrial workers team construction reform program', clearly put forward to create a ideals and ideals, understand the technology will be innovative, dare to serve the dedication of the huge industrial workers. In recent years, promote the spirit of craftsmen, training, creating more big country craftsmen, has been the relevant departments at all levels of the direction of efforts. At the same time, China is actively promoting the transformation from the manufacturing power to the manufacturing power, intellectual transformation of the transformation and upgrading. The majority of workers should take advantage of these conditions and platforms, more active, hard to pursue, to achieve their gorgeous turn. In addition, there are analysts believe that artificial intelligence in the short term can not shake those who have the original ability, interactive ability, ability to negotiate and creative ability of higher industries and occupations, which workers is also chaussures louboutin pas cher a revelation. 'Quality is the foundation of the foundation, skills are Founding of the.' Change often, innovation often. The key to the problem is whether you have to do with the runner, or the leader. Notice, with the run at any time may be eliminated.

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