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The unmanned car must travel on the track of the rule of law
2017-07-07 16: 13: 19.0 Ding Hengqing unmanned car must run on the track of the rule of law 260778 latest original / enpproperty -> the day before yesterday Baidu AI developer conference, Baidu CEO Robin Li through video live show a section Baidu own car ride their own scene. Nike Air Max Mens This video was uploaded to the network, causing a hot friends. Then some people questioned that no one has been ugg pas cher bottes suspected of violating the 'road traffic safety law', but some people think that should be unmanned to a certain test space. Yesterday, the Beijing traffic control department said it was investigating the matter, the traffic control department to support unmanned technology innovation, but should be in accordance with the law, security, scientific premise. (July 7, 'Beijing Morning News') unmanned car is a new thing, represents the future New Balance 574 Daim/Mesh Souliers De Course Pour Femme Menthe Noir Blanche Vert development trend. It can be said that unmanned driving is a subversive, epoch-making technology, people louboutin dorothy pas cher are looking forward to this. Li cheap ugg boots online Yanhong nike shoes outlet live by their ugg chaussures homme own unmanned car scene, not only make countless fans excited, and further strengthened the confidence of the development of technology. But the video upload network, but triggered a hot friends. In this regard, there are two different voices in public opinion, a voice that can not let the existing law hinder the pace of unmanned progress, should seize the opportunity to achieve a breakthrough; another voice that the existing laws and regulations do not allow no People driving the car on the road, unmanned off the road is the kidnapping of public safety. The former criticized the latter self-styled, blind conservative, the latter accused the former do not abide by the rules, endangering public safety. Although the point of view is different, but the starting point is good. After all, unmanned car is the future Kids UGG Bailey Button 5991 Black Boots trend, many people also hope that this day as soon as possible, it is the long-term development, we should support enterprise innovation. But the problem is that support for technological innovation does not mean that you can ignore the law, do not abide by the rules, and even trample on social rules, kidnapping Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2011 public safety. Nike Free Run Kids No rules are not a radius, Air Max 95 360 no rules are difficult to market mature, civilized and sophisticated. Unmanned appearance, can effectively liberate the driver's hand, to better meet the public travel needs. 'Coins' on the other hand is that unmanned driving is still in the development, testing stage, combined with a higher risk factor, unauthorized access to ugg accessoires hiver the road will inevitably endanger public safety. Baidu test from the Kids UGG Bailey Button 5991 Chestnut Boots chaos and the line, do not hit the lights and other performance point of view, Baidu's unmanned car there is not perfect side, the technology may not yet fully mature, at least in the details of the distance to become public louboutin homme solde There is still a certain distance on the road. Moreover, from a legal point of view, according to the provisions of the existing Nike Shox Turbo II Men road traffic safety law, driving motor vehicles on the road, should hang the motor vehicle nike pas cher femme number plate, place the inspection mark, insurance signs, and the vehicle Femme New Balance 574 Daim/Mesh Chaussures Bleu Marine/Lilas Violet/Blanc to carry motor vehicle driving permit. And in the research and development, experimental stage of unmanned vehicles, it may not meet these requirements. The most important thing is that motor vehicle testing should be carried out in a dedicated test site, rush on the road is tantamount to adventure test, which is intolerable. From this point of view, the Baidu test drive behavior, not only suspected of illegal, more detrimental to corporate image, exposed Baidu both the lack of legal fear, but also the lack of awe on traffic safety. Therefore, in the face of unmanned vigorous development, should uphold a tolerant and prudent attitude, more patience and encouragement, as soon as possible to take measures to fill the legal short board, escort for unmanned driving. Only in the track of chaussures louboutin pas cher the rule of law, in order to make the technological innovation dividends better and more sustainable release.

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