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UAV real name registration system 'Vulnerability': random fill can also be over - China Daily News
Beiqing newspaper reporter found that casually fill in the name and identity card information also successfully through the registration review China Civil Aviation Administration issued the 'civil unmanned aircraft real name system registration management regulations' was June 1 from the formal implementation of Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2011 the provisions of the maximum required takeoff weight For more than 250 grams (including 250 grams) of the civilian unmanned aerial vehicle owners must be registered in real names. But the Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that UAV real name registration system exists 'loopholes', registration system need to fill in the name and identity card and other information, but even if the random fill, but also through chaussures louboutin pas cher the system certification. The technical support of the system that the entire system has yet to be improved. The new regulations require UAV real name registration Yesterday, louboutin homme solde the Civil Aviation Authority issued the 'civil unmanned aircraft real name system registration management regulations' formally implemented. Provisions, since June 1, 2017, the owner of civil unmanned aerial vehicles must be in accordance with the requirements of real-name registration. After August 31, 2017, the owner of a civilian unmanned aerial vehicle, if not implemented in accordance with the provisions of the management of real registration and paste the registration mark, its behavior will be regarded as illegal acts in violation of laws and regulations, the use of its UAV will be affected , The regulatory authorities will be punished in accordance with the relevant provisions. louboutin dorothy pas cher It is clear that civil unmanned aerial vehicles do not include aeronautical models, unmanned free balloons and tethered balloons. , The owner of the civilian unmanned aerial vehicles in the system after the registration of product information, the system must be given the registration mark on the UAV, and registration mark, including the registration number and registration of two-dimensional code. In addition, the civilian unmanned aerial vehicle owner shall promptly cancel the information of the unmanned aerial vehicle through the UAV real name registration system in time for the sale, transfer, damage, scrapping, Air Max 95 360 loss or theft of civilian unmanned aerial vehicles. After New Balance 574 Daim/Mesh Souliers De [url=]Nike Free Run Kids Course Pour Femme Menthe Noir Blanche Vert[/url] the transfer of ownership of the UAV, the owner of the change must register the information of the civilian unmanned aerial vehicle in real time as required. Name, identity card can be filled Yesterday, Beiqing newspaper reporter registered UAV real name registration system to see, in the 'user registration' one includes individuals, business units, institutions and institutions and other matters, individual users need to fill in mobile phone number, email, real name, Gender, type of document and number, address and other matters. Beiqing newspaper reporter test found that the real name registration system there is a 'loophole', the system will not fill the contents of the authenticity of certification, even if the name, identity card number and other indiscriminate can pass. Casually fill in the name and identity card number, will not be refused to submit, you can successfully carry out information preservation. In the 'UAV management' project, the new UAV serial number can also be filled, the same can be submitted normally, while the serial number can also be generated for the query can be valid two-dimensional code. For these 'loopholes', Beiqing newspaper reporter yesterday to the website technical support e-mail asked, the Civil Aviation Authority Airworthiness Division UAV system technical support side reply to the message, at present, UAV registration system only identity information records, Only the type of characters and the number of bits to verify, not with the Ministry of Public Security network docking for validation. For the unmanned aerial vehicle serial number verification problem, the Airworthiness Division said that the manufacturers of unmanned aircraft serial number set the nike pas cher femme principle is different, there is no uniform rules, it can not verify the validity of the UAV serial number. Airworthiness Division, said the Civil Aviation Authority in communication with the public security departments, and strive to through the public security system to verify the identity of the registrant. After the new regulations, 'mini' UAV hot sales of the Civil Aviation Authority introduced the real name registration requirements for the maximum takeoff weight of more than 250 grams of UAV, which led directly to the following 250 grams of 'mini' ugg accessoires hiver UAV Sought after. A domestic well-known UAV vendor customer service staff told the Beiqing newspaper that their shop operating the lowest weight of the UAV in more than 300 grams, in accordance with the new regulations, this UAV is the need for real-name registration, the recent Buy UAV customers are very concerned about this aspect of the provisions, many will be specifically consult real-name system registration related matters. This leads directly to cheap ugg boots online less than 250 grams of 'mini' UAVs began to popular in the online shopping platform, this UAV prices in the tens to tens of dollars ranging from. A shop customer service to the North Green newspaper reporter, their main store is the 'mini' UAV, 'this UAV closer to the toy, remote control distance and flight height of only about 100 meters.' Another shop Customer service is that 'mini' UAV is mainly suitable for home and company to play, 'although it does not have real-name system registration, but also generally fly 30 meters high, the distance will be more than 60 meters, that is, play, can not take any work , As an exercise is still possible. 'Experts UAV management purposes are' orderly 'Yesterday, Beiqing reporter interviewed the Chinese aircraft owners and the Driver Association (AOPA) Executive Secretary Nike Air Max Mens Ke Yubao, Ke Yubao that the current implementation of the Kids UGG Bailey Button 5991 Chestnut Boots real name system Registration system is a big function is also information statistics, 'now requires more than 250 grams of statistics, but also basically covers the models of UAV, the data is relatively accurate after the grasp, at least not the number of . 'Ke Yubao Femme New Balance 574 Daim/Mesh Chaussures Bleu Marine/Lilas Violet/Blanc said that the current UAV management mainly concentrated in three issues, one is to strengthen publicity,' the need to promote aviation culture, universal flight For example, twenty or thirty years before the red light everywhere, but after propaganda regulations, now most people will wait for the red light, so do not mean to deliberately do not comply with laws and regulations, but many people do not know, so need Propaganda, I believe that must be more law-abiding. 'Second, Ke Yubao that should be standardized from the technical means to regulate UAV flight behavior,' as now the implementation of the real name registration is a way, there are 'electronic fence' technology, also Can prevent the UAV misuse .In addition, there are identity inside the UAV, Kids UGG Bailey Button 5991 Black Boots similar to the frame number, are also technical means. 'Third, Ke Yubao that UAV management also rely on' he law ',' Not only their own understanding, but also can tell others, when you see a violation of behavior, others will stop, this is his law. 'Ke Yubao that UAV management purposes are' orderly ',' like UAV real name registration is necessary to do, but the system has a perfect process, the management is to adapt to the development of the situation, and gradually introduced management regulations, are to be able to order Exhibition. 'UAV-related' black fly 'frequent trouble with the rapid development of unmanned aerial vehicles,' black fly 'phenomenon is also frequent. Beiqing newspaper reporter found that only this year there have been many disturbed civil aviation order and even affect the accident rescue vicious events. January 7 this year, Hebei Province, Hengshui City, Taocheng District Fuming East Jiayuan explosion occurred. 8 morning, the man drove to the district to control the unmanned aerial vehicle to the scene over the accident to shoot, affecting the normal rescue order, the city was under the jurisdiction of the city administrative detention 5 days. Nike Shox Turbo II Men April 22 afternoon, Chengdu Public Security Bureau issued a circular that April 19, 21, respectively, in Taurus, Shuangliu seized two unmanned aerial vehicles illegal flight cases, according to the law to be investigated and dealt with personnel. Among them, the Taurus Public Security Bureau informed that in the Shuangliu Airport airspace illegal control of unmanned aerial vehicles Zhao due to disrupt the order of public places was placed ugg chaussures homme on administrative detention 5 days punishment. Shuangliu police said the Shuangliu Airport clearance area control UAV flight Daimou was sentenced to administrative detention on the 5th punishment. May 12, Chongqing airport by the unmanned aerial vehicles interference, resulting in multiple flights affected. According to the Chongqing Airport Bulletin, the same day unmanned aerial vehicles caused by a total of more than 40 flights from Chongqing nike shoes outlet airport flights, more than 60 flights canceled, more ugg pas cher bottes than 140 flight delays, tens of thousands of passengers travel affected. May 22 at 14:48, Shenzhen Airport Public Security Bureau Airport police station staff found in Bao'an District Airport near nine, there are unmanned aerial vehicles in the airport clearance area flight. Police officers rushed to the scene arrested UAV control Lin Moumou, the airport police in accordance with the law to its administrative detention 10 days of punishment. The group of text / reporter Guo Linlin intern reporter Liu Sijia clues to provide / Ms. Zhu

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