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The city do a good job of super typhoon 'Nibert' defense work _ life _ Jingdezhen online news Zapatos Adidas network
Jingdezhen city at all levels of the Moncler di sconto relevant departments to conscientiously implement the provincial ugg pas cher and municipal meetings of the scarpe nike piumini moncler spirit Scarpe nike uomo of the meeting, in the city under the unified command of the defense, the Nike [url=]zapatillas nike mujer Air Max[/url] city of Jingdezhen, Refine the implementation of nike discount the various defensive measures, pandora 2017 down jackets [url=]chaussures nike and coats[/url] do a good job of the current flood prevention work. All levels of flood control and the relevant departments to strictly implement the Christian Louboutin talon 24-hour Thomas Sabo Jewellery duty and leadership with adidas chaussures the system Botas UGG to ensure that information channels open. Municipalities such as water supply, meteorology, hydrology and other departments to closely goose vest black monitor the development of typhoons, scarpe nike to strengthen consultation and forecast, Moncler Outlet early warning and forecasting; urban management, construction, moncler coats transportation, Michael Kors Pas Cher electricity, communications and other departments on urban high-altitude suspension, outdoor billboards, temporary structures, goose vest womens construction sites Scaffolding, power and communication poles Coach bags 2017 and Michael Kors Bolsos other early reinforcement protection, Cheap Charm Bracelets there are security risks new balance pas cher cheap adidas shoes in time to dismantle; land sector to start the geological disaster group test group anti-working mechanism, the implementation of all-weather uninterrupted inspection of the disaster, once the abnormal situation, And the evacuation of threatened masses; the maritime sector to strengthen the management of the locks, ships, to ensure the safety of water transport; education departments to strengthen the school patrol duty, and do a good nike chaussures job of student safety management; tourism departments timely closure scenic spots, All the reservoir safety inspectors, embankment inspectors to strengthen the duty, encrypted inspection, timely investigation to eliminate security risks; all kinds of rescue teams assembled on standby, all kinds of rescue personnel, Ready chaussure nike 2017 to go to the front line at any time rescue Disaster preparation, called upon to ensure, to war, war to win when needed.

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