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City and Changsha City Ceramic Industry Exchange Symposium held in the King _ Ceramics _ Jingdezhen Online News
9; month 14; morning, Jingdezhen Zapatos Adidas Botas UGG City and Changsha City Ceramic Industry Exchange and Cooperation Symposium Moncler di sconto and signing ceremony held in the Amethyst Hotel. Changsha Jingdezhen City Ceramic Industry Cooperation and ugg pas cher Exchange Scarpe nike uomo Symposium held Jingdezhen Municipal Committee Standing Committee, Propaganda Minister Moncler Outlet Wang Jianping Speech Changsha chaussures nike Municipal Committee, Minister of Publicity Zhang Xiangtao Speech Jingdezhen Online News (Reporter Wu Shaobin / text Yujing / map) September 14 morning, Jingdezhen City and Changsha City Ceramic industry exchanges and cooperation forum and signing ceremony held in the Amethyst Hotel. Changsha Municipal Committee, Minister of Propaganda Zhang Xiangtao, Jingdezhen Municipal Committee, Propaganda Department Minister Wang Jianping attended and spoke. During the discussion, the relevant responsible comrades of the propaganda department of Jingdezhen Municipal Party cheap adidas shoes Committee introduced the basic situation of the development of the cultural industry in the city, and the comrades in the relevant departments of scarpe nike Jingdezhen City made speeches around the ceramic culture support policies and Nike Air Max experience. The famous chaussure nike 2017 ceramic artists of Xiangcheng City, Made comments and suggestions. Changsha City, the relevant departments responsible comrades also talked Cheap Charm Bracelets about the study of the exchange of personal experience. Wang Jianping in his speech introduced the history of the city's ceramic industry, resource endowment, development status and future planning. He pointed out that since ancient times, ceramics are Jingdezhen identity label, ceramic industry is the leading industry of Jingdezhen. adidas [url=]nike chaussures chaussures[/url] As early as the Warring States period, Jingdezhen began to manufacture ceramics, the Song Dynasty for the imperial porcelain to get the emperor's appreciation, and use the emperor's reign, renamed Jingdezhen. Later, due to the unique geographical conditions and natural resources, Jingdezhen gradually became the future of the dynasties of pandora 2017 the national porcelain center. The development of the kiln industry has profoundly influenced the pattern of the whole city and the division of labor. Today, the protection of the old city and the zapatillas nike mujer construction of the new scarpe nike city has become the Michael Kors Bolsos work of Jingdezhen to promote urban development and industrial upgrading. Changsha has a long history, the cultural industry developed, well-known moncler coats enterprises, hope that the exchange and cooperation as an opportunity, the two sides go hand down jackets and coats in hand, efforts to carry forward the ceramic culture industry. Zhang Xiangtao on behalf of learning exchange delegation on the warm welcome of Christian Louboutin talon Jingdezhen and thoughtful arrangements to express gratitude. He pointed out that the exchange of study and study new balance pas cher so goose vest black that we are inspired, and truly feel the goose vest womens charm and style of the Millennium porcelain. Coach bags 2017 The cultural awareness is strong, the development atmosphere is strong, the project is strong, the safeguard measures are perfect, the comprehensive benefits Michael Kors Pas Cher are good, the ceramic industry is sustainable, diversified, projectized, specialized and branded is at the forefront of the whole country. People are very impressed. Changsha nike discount and Jingdezhen, are published in the country's first batch of 24 historical and cultural city of the column, and she is also a revolutionary holy city, mountain city, the development of new city. Hope that the two through mutual learning, enhance interaction, in the ceramic culture industry, propaganda and ideological work, creative city declaration and ceramic personnel Thomas Sabo Jewellery training to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, work together to create a win-win cooperation and a better future. At the signing ceremony, the CPC Jingdezhen Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Communist Party of China Changsha Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department signed a strategic cooperation framework to promote the development piumini moncler of ceramic culture industry agreement; Jingdezhen City People's Government and Changsha City Wangcheng District People's Government signed a ceramic culture industry development cooperation framework agreement ; Jingdezhen Ceramic Association and Tongguan Ceramic Industry Association signed a friendly cooperation agreement. Activities both sides also donated gifts. Jingdezhen municipal Party committee standing committee, propaganda minister Wang Jianping and Changsha Municipal Committee, propaganda minister Zhang Xiangtao mutual gifts signed to promote the ceramic industry development strategy, ceramic industry development cooperation framework agreement Changsha Jingdezhen ceramic industry cooperation exchange forum held;

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