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Wang Yanfeng, the city's outstanding youth led his staff to support the site of sewage treatment _ _ _ Jingdezhen online news network
Tianjin Port 8 12 explosion accident core area cyanide exceeded 40 times Jingdezhen outstanding youth Wang Yanfeng led his unit to support the site sewage treatment Tianjin Rui Chong Environmental Protection Group Vice President, Party branch secretary Wang Yanfeng (middle) in the field deployment work. After the explosion occurred in Tianjin Port, the rescue team of Tianjin, according to the treatment plan and the scarpe nike Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Tianjin Water Rescue and Rescue Command named Tianjin Rui Chong environmental protection deployment of technical strength to Tianjin Port 8 12 explosion Accident core area to carry out sewage treatment work. August 20 at 4 pm, from Jingdezhen professional pandora 2017 managers Tianjin Rui Chong environmental cheap adidas shoes protection group vice president, party branch secretary Wang Yanfeng took the lead, the deployment of more than Michael Kors Pas [url=]Moncler di sconto Cher[/url] 10 employees of the company composed of nike chaussures sewage emergency adidas chaussures treatment group, carrying 5,000 tons of efficient magnetic flocculation zapatillas nike mujer equipment, After doing good defensive measures, at 3:00 on the night into the explosion around the core area to carry out field operations. Field tests show that the core area of ​​sewage pits cyanide average exceeded 40 times, PH value also appears excessive. Can be another big difficulty and danger Cheap Charm Bracelets can not stop the porcelain is good guy before the footsteps of the line. He took the lead, dressed in chemical protective clothing, led chaussures nike goose vest black the staff in the collapse of the container and the floor of the glass slag on the night piumini moncler fighting, the whole team Yuezhanyueyong, no one shouting tired tired. At 22:00 on August 22, the two companies hit the cyanide + magnetic flocculation + Coach bags 2017 activated carbon sewage treatment process to complete, began goose vest womens to explode the core moncler coats area of ​​sewage water samples to remove and adsorb cyanide and other components of the operation. 7:30 that night, the first water samples by the national water Christian Louboutin talon quality inspection expert group Moncler Outlet that reached the standard. Wang Yanfeng said. So far, Wang Yanfeng has been working in Thomas Sabo Jewellery the core area of ​​the explosion for 8 days and 8 nights, according to the requirements Botas UGG of the headquarters, the explosion will Zapatos Adidas scarpe nike be the core area of ​​sewage for more than two months of treatment. Wang Yanfeng was born in Scarpe nike uomo Fuliang County Xingtian Township, an ordinary peasant family. In 1999 with excellent results admitted to the Michael Kors Bolsos Nanchang Railway Machinery School, in 2009 went to Zhejiang University of Technology to continue Nike Air Max their studies, after the listed companies have been engaged in senior management, 2012 was appointed chief technician ugg pas cher in Hangzhou. He is a well-known professional manager of the industry new balance pas cher and an excellent doer. He down jackets and coats has all the outstanding professional managers have the characteristics: a strategic vision, pioneering spirit, decisive decision, super execution, with different from ordinary people's work style, such as strong, bold, bold, originality, reverse thinking and so on. The so-called strong men without a soldier, he has a dedication to pursue the cause of mind, coupled with approachable, ground and other personalized potential, nike discount often able to stimulate the high morale, as we bring positive energy, so as to bring business development Infinite power. In the face of various management problems, Wang Yanfeng is always able to co-ordinate the overall situation, carefully arranged, the operation of the project required for people, financial, material, technology and other resources to rationalize the allocation and optimization of the Group's sustainable leap chaussure nike 2017 Development plays an important role. Wang Yanfeng usually do not have a rest day, his heart flutter in the sharp career, to work for excellence, in order to make Rui career better, stronger! (Source: Jingdezhen Daily);

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