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City excellent class teacher Wang Zhongliang: knowledge and unity of cultural education _ Education _ Jingdezhen online news network
(Reporter Wu Liqun) secondary school to teach 10 years, as the class teacher for 8 years, 30 years old city to become the youngest provincial backbone teachers in the province, the province of the province of the teacher, The first primary and secondary school teachers in the professional skills competitions won the top ten all-around prize, in 2011 was named the city's outstanding class teacher and was recommended to Cheap Charm Bracelets participate in the province's backbone class chaussure nike [url=]Nike Air Max 2017[/url] teacher training, with the class by the City Board of Education as the 2011 advanced branch, 2012-2013 The annual city of outstanding class he is Jingdezhen in moncler coats a 2017 session of high school (6) class teacher Wang Zhongliang. In his own language teaching and class management, Wang has always abided by the concept of educating people, moral education piumini moncler first, and strive to create a proactive class culture, with the culture to lead students, with self-conscious self-discipline, education students know unity, To cultivate students into cultural people. new balance pas cher In the daily goose vest womens class management, he focused on the students, teachers, departmental scarpe nike leaders, students and parents of the four team building, sincere treatment; focus on individualized teaching, education students become your own, enjoy the growth cheap adidas shoes of ordinary people happy. He advocated the class teacher and the teacher in the process of educating students through the help (legislation) to help (change the error) put (also self), to help students establish the school, a good man of good spirit, so as to achieve comprehensive development, common improvement, overall progress the goal of. The new one comes, Wang teacher in the language teaching, Moncler di sconto examination questions, Zhou Ji write the practice of step by step to generate my very important, knowledge and practice of nike chaussures the class training. These Zapatos Adidas eight characters are respectively used in the square and pandora 2017 round the graphics hanging in front of the classroom and the rear, side and round echoes. He told reporters that I am very important to imply that every student and teacher should realize their importance, to tell everyone that everyone is indispensable to the whole group, each person's words and deeds are related to the whole group, only everyone is doing Their own things, the whole class things can do well, so nike discount as to enhance the sense of ownership of teachers and students, from the inside out to stimulate the behavior of consciousness. Knowledge and practice one requires students to know and line to be unified, when Thomas Sabo Jewellery the day adidas chaussures is completed later He was in the class to develop a collective recitation of the moral lecture to remember everyone into the classroom every day and other items. Such as in the prescribed time to write the famous words, and then by the same table correction, the teacher Michael Kors Pas Cher and then change, and finally the whole class of collective exchange, in the repeated so that students realize that even a famous scarpe nike words also need to carefully memory, to guide students Michael Kors Bolsos in the usual life learning Heavy details, efficiency. Feel the educator Tao Xingzhi change the name of the deeds, he gave his class named for the class, I hope the whole class teachers and students are zapatillas nike mujer action up. Wang also used quietly competing four words chaussures nike to Christian Louboutin talon the class under the rules and regulations specifically written on the wall, so that students in the monasteries gradually know the line. He explained to reporters the meaning of the four words, static is to maintain a quiet learning environment, goose vest black do not answer their heads, class do not take the phone, and strive to make their own quiet, quiet to far; net is to keep the ground clean, class is ugg pas cher The competition is a sense of competition, more than a ruler evaluation of students, to encourage students to learn, the campus activities in a more than one, but also to the students, Than to show their own style, correct understanding of Botas UGG self; respect is respect and honor, he asked students to respect the teacher in school, at home to honor their parents, clear the relationship between teachers and students allies, down jackets and coats to establish a sense of Thanksgiving parents. Now many students are the only child, some left behind children, some from single-parent families, the quality of Scarpe nike uomo uneven, psychological quality of thousands of attitudes, class teacher training is not the lack of basic skills training, but Moncler Outlet mental health education is a problem. Wang told reporters that in the daily class management, he will establish a student profile, pay attention to the use of weekly or class meeting in the form of chat Coach bags 2017 with the students, with Fetion and parents to communicate, and strive to do the mentor of the mentor. Wang himself also personally, in reading and writing in the unity of knowledge and practice, his desk must 'moral education' 'charm classes' 'to young class teacher' and other books, and actively participate in various moral education essay contest, won a And other awards. He actively wrote moral education papers, published in the 'class teacher' 'primary and secondary management' magazine, there are many articles income 'good class teacher is so made' 'Let the class class more attractive' and other monographs. Wang Zhongliang to their own high degree of love and serious responsibility for the students hard work in the three feet podium, determined, and constantly explore the class management and teaching and educating the wisdom of the model. (Source: Jingdezhen Daily);

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